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Clinton's Top 10 List (2002)

Clinton Fitch | Chief Reviews Editor
28 March 2002

When my original Top-10 list was published in April, 2001 on the now defunct SimplyHPC site, it was by far the biggest generator of email for me personally as well as other staff members. I got emails ranging from "You are a freaking idiot to put that on your list!" (Thanks Steve in Dallas) to "Dude, how can that be number three? It is way better than that!" (Thanks Mark in Ohio).

So as I post this new version on HPC:Factor I suspect that there will be some emails generated again. But that is okay; agree with me or not, remember the title of this article (hint: It's my opinion!)

So, here we go…

Number 10: Tascal's TascalSearch - Read Review

There are a lot of reasons to like this little application. First it is small as far as memory needed to run. Second, it is very flexible and customizable in its searching capabilities. Finally, it is something that should have been included in the first place with HPC 2000! The interface is very similar to its desktop counterpart so there isn't much of a learning curve. TascalSearch is a free download from their website.

Tascal Search

Number 9: PHM Registry Editor - Read Review

There are several Registry Editors available for HPCs, including one in the Microsoft HPC Pro Plus! Pack. But none are as easy to use and feature rich as Philippe Majerus' PHM Registry Editor. It allows for key copying and pasting as well as searching the Registry of your HPC for specific text or keys. Although this is a very new application (it hasn't even reached version 1.0 yet!), it is easily one of the best. PHM Registry Editor is a free download from their website.

PHM Registry Editor

Number 8: Olive Tree Bible Reader - Read Review

As a Christian, I always want to have a copy of the Bible with me. With Olive Tree's Bible Reader, I can have the Word within the happy confines of my HPC. The reader itself is free and they have a multitude of translations available as well ranging from free to $50. The Reader has an excellent search engine and is completely adjustable to fit user viewing needs. Equally as important, Drew and the rest of the Olive Tree team are constantly tweaking and improving the reader for HPCs. The Olive Tree Bible Reader is a free download from their website. Bible Translations can be found at there site as well.

Olive Tree Bible Reader

Number 7: SpaceWatch

Memory, memory, memory…. The constant adjustment most people make on their HPCs. The challenge is finding where that memory space has gone, especially the longer and more often your HPC is used. Enter SpaceWatch from Fong Chee Keat. This small yet highly customizable application allows for users to find those big files anywhere on their HPC. The application can be configured to find files that are just in specific directories, such as a Storage Card or the Windows directory, or can search the entire HPC. SpaceWatch is a free application and can be downloaded at their website.

Fong Chee Keat SpaceWatch

Number 6: PocketMVP - Read Review

So you're bitter because your little PocketPC buddies can play videos on their devices but for you, Mr. or Ms. HPC owner, you are out of luck unless you want to pay-to-play with a shall-remain-nameless software manufacture. Well say no more. Project Mayo has been developing PocketDivX for over a year now and this small FREE application is great. It will play most .AVIs as well as .MPG files. It can play directly from CF cards and Microdrives (even optimizes for them) or from main memory. Version 0.8 was recently released and with the revision numbers so low, you can guess that these folks are constantly tweaking this application. Get your free copy of Project Mayo's PocketDivX at their website.

Project Mayo PocketMVP (PocektDivx)

Number 5: Cambridge Computer Corporation's vxUtil - Read Review

This all-in-one package is great for any HPC user who connects regularly to a network or the internet via a LAN connection or dialup. vxUtil contains a multitude of applications such as PING, Trace Route, Port Scanner and NSLookup just to name a few. It even has a subnet calculator for you true network geeks out there! This is one of the best network/connectivity utilities out for HPCs. Even if you are new to the whole networking world, being able to PING a server to see if you are even "talking" can save you many grey hairs. Cambridge Computer Corporation distributes vxUtil freely and has many other applications that are well worth the cost (check out vxFTP or vxWeb).

Cambridge Comptuer Corporation vxUtil

Number 4: Ansyr Primer - Read Review

This is one of those applications that costs a bundle but is well worth it if you or your corporation use Adobe PDF files regularly to distribute information. The application allows for users to read any PDF document and provides many of the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Users can change the quality of the image for faster loading on text files as well as adjust the view from portrait to landscape and zoom in or out of the file. Further, Ansyr makes several plugs (with more on the way) that will allow for direct image viewing (.JPG, BMP, etc.). The cost for Primer is $79.95 and there is a 30-day demonstration version available on their website.

Ansyr Primer

Number 3: Ilium Software's eWallet Professional - Read Review

Unless you are a cave dweller (in which case you are probably not reading this anyway!), you have a laundry list of passwords, PINs, and other secure information that you have to keep track of to function in our Information Age. If you have more than one credit card, bank account, visit more than one website (I know, I know S|HPC is good but there are about 20 million more out there!) then eWallet will quickly become one of your favorite applications. eWallet allows you to store basically any important information in an encrypted file (knows as a Wallet) either with the pre-defined categories or user defined categories. Further, this file is synchronized between your PC and HPC so you can access it from either and will always have a backup copy. eWallet Professional is $29.95 and can be purchased from the Ilium Software website (there is also a 30-day demonstration version available.)

Ilium Software eWallet Professional

Number 2: Conduit's Pocket Artist - Read Review

I am a big Formula One fan. My favorite team is McLaren-Mercedes and every two weeks I get to watch the best, most technically advanced racing in the world. As such, I collect images from the races on my PC and transfer them to my CF Card so I can view or edit them on my Jornada 720. No other application allows for easier editing and viewing than Conduit's Pocket Artist. This $49.95 application allows me to adjust any aspect of the image, including brightness and contrast, cropping and image resizing. Other features include a screenshot capability as well as making an image your desktop wallpaper. Pocket Artist was one of the first applications I purchased for my 720 over a year ago and it still remains one of my favorites. You can check out Pocket Artist (and many more HPC applications) at the Conduit's website.

Conduits Pocket Artist

Co-Number 1: BitBank's Virtual CE Pro - Read Review

If you have read a review of mine on S|HPC, you've undoubtedly seen Virtual CE. Every screenshot I make is with Virtual CE. This application, created by Larry Bank at his site, allows you to remotely control your HPC from your PC desktop via many different connection speeds. Further, the Professional version ($29.95 versus the $9.95 for the standard version) allows .AVI files to be created for training or demonstration purposes. Virtual CE can be customized to adjust for slower links (such as serial or ActiveSync) by adjusting the color depth and refresh rate (from 1 to 18 frames per second). This application is a must have for any HPC owner who needs to access both a PC and their HPC at the same time.

BitBank Software Virtual CE Pro

Co-Number 1: SoftMaker's TextMaker - Read Review

This is by far, the most exciting piece of code I've seen for HPCs in a long, long time (since Virtual CE). Full text editing, advanced features such as footers and footnotes, columns and section breaks make this product an outstanding replacement of Pocket Word. Plus, you have the ability to insert pictures into a document! Features like this, until now, have only been available on the desktop. Absolutely a must have application.

SoftMaker TextMaker

So there you have it, my Top 10 list. Is it the best? In my opinion, yes! But I'm not the only HPC user out there. What is your Top 10? Send me an email and tell me your favorite pieces of HPC code.

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