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Windows CE .net 4.1 - First Look

Chris Tilley | Editor-in-Chief
November 23, 2002

We are living in a .Networked World

Windows CE .net LogoWhile c e 3 2 0 was down I had the opertunity to get my hands on the beast that is Windows CE Platform Builder. As it happens it was the release build of the newly updated Windows CE .net 4.1 Platforum builder.

After what seemed like an eternity of install screens, which truly tested the MSI installation system to it's limits it finished. Only on first load to present me with over 100MB of updates. Just what all 56K users want to see after spending too many hours than I care to account for downloading the 400 and something MB installer from Microsoft OEM System Builder site.

The Platform Builder is very orientated around what one would call the new generation of CE devices, Pocket PC's, Tablet PC's / Web Pads, SmartPhones. If you blink you'll miss the Clamshell option.

In essence the only difference between the various types of devices that are offered up as defaults is the contents of the build packages, drivers and system service. The familiar 640 x 240 Clamshell Handheld PC that we all know and love is nothing more than the major componants of the Web Pad, just with a altered aspect display.

One thing that unfortunatly has been made clear from my dive into Platform Builder 4.1, is that Microsoft have not intended large scale OEM's to offer up a 640 x 240 Clamshell version... not without some serious reconstruction any way.


This graphical overview of CE 4.1 .net is in 2 sections. The first page of screens, below, are from an initial attempt at creating a build, the second page and slighlty more successful build are of a later build in which the basic XP style theme has been activated.

The Pocket Office applications are missing, as this doesn't fall under the development of the Windows CE team, but of the Mobile Devices team.

NB: I appreciate that these Images will interest a lot of people, so feel free to link to these pages, but please don't re-distribute the images.

Windows CE .net 4.1 Desktop


Windows CE .net 4.1 Network Connections


Windows CE .net 4.1 Excel Viewer


Windows CE .net 4.1 Image Viewer


Windows CE .net 4.1 Image Viewer Rotate


Windows CE .net 4.1 Image Viewer Zoom

Inbox: Folders... how novel!

Windows CE .net 4.1 Inbox


Windows CE .net 4.1 Compose Email


Windows CE .net 4.1 Inbox options


Windows CE .net 4.1 IP Configuration

Windows Media Player:
Yes, 4.1 CAN play video files, with most of the main codecs of its big brother counterpart. Admitedly I didn't manage to get them to play... but I did hear it.

Windows CE .net 4.1 Windows Media Player

Messenger: Surly Not!

Windows CE .net 4.1 MSN Messenger


Windows CE .net 4.1 MSN Messenger 2


Windows CE .net 4.1 MSNMessenger Contacts


Windows CE .net 4.1 PowerPoint Viewer


Windows CE .net 4.1 Casacig Control Panel


Windows CE .net 4.1 Cascading start menu


Windows CE .net 4.1 Start menu settings


Let There Be Themes

Windows CE .net 4.1 With XP theme


Windows CE .net 4.1 New AYG Shell


Windows CE .net 4.1 Date time properties

Spot the difference:

Windows CE .net 4.1 Display Properties

Demo Flash ROM program: ... lets not go there

Flash ROM updater

And relax:

Windows CE .net 4.1 FreeCell


Windows CE .net 4.1 Solitaire


Windows CE .net 4.1 Help


Windows CE .net 4.1 Windowed Help

Windows CE .net 4.1 Secure Logon Screen


Windows CE .net 4.1 Logon Screen with graphics


Windows CE .net 4.1 Recycle Bin Properties


Windows CE .net 4.1 Remote Desktop


Windows CE .net 4.1 Run


Windows CE .net 4.1 System Properties Copyright


Windows CE .net 4.1 Device Name


Windows CE .net 4.1 System Properties General


Windows CE .net 4.1 System Properties Memory


Windows CE .net 4.1 Windows Explorer


Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows CE:
Platform Builder 4.1 allows the OEM the choice of whether to include Pokcet Internet Explorer, or a streamlined version of Internet Exploer. As you'll see from the images below, there are some differences in formatting and presentation. While Having the full version of IE may seem like the soloution to all problems, it does offer up some other problems, especially on the restricted screen size.

Windows CE .net 4.1 Internet Explorer 5.5


Windows CE .net 4.1 IE 5.5

Pocket Internet Explorer:

Windows CE .net 4.1  S\zHPC in IE 5.5


Windows CE .net 4.1 More IE 5.5

Internet Information Services CE:
IIS CE offers no configuration screens like its full blown counterpat, however makes for a very useful optional componant. One I'd personally like to see available as a download from the Microsoft Mobile Web Site.

Windows CE .net 4.1 IIS for Windows CE


Windows CE .net 4.1 IIS file system


Windows CE .net 4.1 IIS File System 2

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