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Omega One Checkers 1.1.2 for Handheld PC

John Ottini | Handheld PC Reviews
March 20, 2006

Omega One Mobile Solutions, the developer who brought Dominoes to your Handheld PC, also brings you a wonderful version of the classic board game Checkers (Draughts). I've never been very good at Checkers, but I do think that the folks at Omega One have done a really nice job with this software.

Figure 1: About Checkers

Game Play and Options

I would venture to guess that the game of Checkers is a very well known around the civilized world and there are probably very few who are unfamiliar with the rules of this game.

This software version doesn't offer much in the way of options, but realistically very few options are actually required to enjoy this game. This computer version allows you to play Human vs Human or Human vs Computer and you can set the computer opponent's play level to anywhere between Novice (Level 1) or Grand Master (Level 8). Let me tell you, that anything higher than Level 4 was really making me look bad (Did I tell you I wasn't particularly good at this game?)

Figure 2: Customize the skill level

Unfortunately, the Checker pieces are moved by dragging them across the board (screen) with your stylus which I'm not particularly fond of doing. In order to protect my H/PC screen from needless wear and tear, I wish they had chosen tapping on the squares, instead of dragging on the pieces, in order to move them. If you are like me and don't like using screen protectors, then this is probably one of the only negative aspects of using this software.

Playing by the Rules

Attention all Checker purists, you will be happy to know that this game follows the official rules and (like it or not) forces players to capture a Checker piece when the opportunity presents itself. In other words it does not allow you to make any other moves, when a Checker piece is available for the taking. This can be really frustrating, especially when being forced to capture that Checker piece is going to put you in a world of trouble! I guess the solution is simply a matter of not to putting your self in that precarious position in the first place.

Figure 3: Gameplay

The winner of each game receives one point and if the game ends in a draw or stalemate, you can easily reset or start another game.

It is also important to note, that built-in help is available with this software, but because the game play and features are fairly self explanatory, you'll probably rarely use it.

Last Impressions?

Overall, playing Checker by Omega One is an enjoyable way to pass the time and is well worth the $14.99 USD , but it's an even better deal if you purchase the combo pack which includes Checkers & Dominoes for $19.99 USD.

The software requires a Handheld PC running CE 2.0 or higher with a SH3 SH4, MIPS or StrongArm processor and is available for trial download and/or purchase from Handango at www.handango.com.

System Requirements

Windows CE 2.0 or higher
SH3, SH4, MIPS, StrongARM
68 KB storage space

More information on Omega One Checkers 1.1.2 can be found at


Cost: 4- Star Rating
Usability: 5- Star Rating
Built-in Help: 4- Star Rating
Customer Service: 4- Star Rating
Overall: 4- Star Rating
Pros: Nice graphics, easy to use, challenging game play, small footprint only 68.0KB

Cons: Price may be a bit costly for some people, dragging game pieces across the board may cause wear and tear on your H/PC screen (use of screen protector is recommended)

Further Discussion

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