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GNUPlot for WinCE

Open Source
Port of GNUPlot for Windows CE
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I have ported GNUPlot to WinCE. It can run in new Emacs builds as a subprocess, but it currently hangs the machine when doing a plot in Emacs :( The port is based on the Windows port, but uses my console instead of the "text window" for input.

• When starting a plot from Emacs, the machine hangs.
• Arcs are not supported.
• Help is not supported.
• Shell-out is not supported.

GNUPlot will be used by Maxima.

Installation Instructions

You need the latest celib.dll (3.01) for GNUPlot

The HKLM\Environment Key
My celib.dll uses the registry to store environment variables. They are stored in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Environment. This key does not exist by default.
There are at least two ways to create this key and set values in it:
• Get the registry editor from Microsoft's Powertoys for CE, use the registry editor that comes with EVC or get a third-party registry editor.
• Get my "desktop-tools" and use the cereg.exe command-line program. This program is started on your PC and uses RAPI to manipulate the registry on your device. An ActiveSync connection must be established.
The entries could be set by setup programs, but I am too lazy to write these setups.

The cereg.exe program
cereg.exe is in the "desktoptools" archive. It can be called from batchfiles. The syntax is: cereg -k <keyname> -n <valname> -v <value>


cereg -k "HKLM\Environment" -n "PATH" -v "\Storage Card\bin;\windows"

Currently used variables
Note: Numbers must be entered as string values, not as DWORDs!

UNIXROOTDIR Directory containing standard Unix files/directories, like 'etc', 'dev'. Usually this is set to /storage card. This is used only for some special files. It's not expanded in ordinary filename generation.
PATH Searchpath for the process creating functions in celib.dll. Paths are seperated by semicolon (/bin;/storage card/bin;/windows). This path *is not used* for dlls and programs you start with the StartMenu or cmd.exe. It's *not used* by normal wince programs.
HOME Home diretory (/storage card/nobody).
ROWS Rows for the console. Must be string.
COLS Columns for the console. Must be string.
CONSOLEFONTSIZE Fontsize for console.
PWD Used for passing the parent pwd to child processes. Very bad. Not used anymore. It is passed internally now using shared memory. Delete it if you still have it. Can still be useful to pass a PWD from MFC apps to celib.dll programs. Currently still used with TeXEd.
TMP Directory for temp files (/tmp).
TEMP Directory for temp files (/tmp).
TMPDIR Directory for temp files (/tmp).
TEMPDIR Directory for temp files (/tmp).
USER Username (nobody).
SHELL Shell. Currently only used for the limited shell for inferior Emacs sub-processes. There is still no real shell for WinCE (xsh).
TERM Terminal type. Currently used by readline (console), telnet and ssh. You should use the termcap file that comes with console and set it TERM to wince.
TERMCAP Path to the termcap file.
XCE_TRACE Debugging. Normally not set. Setting this to 1 gives minimal debugging output, setting it to 255 gives max. When XCE_TRACE_FILE is not set or empty, debug output goes to the debugger port, else to the file in XCE_TRACE_FILE.
XCE_TRACE_FILE File for tracing. Normally not set.
CELIBSTDLOGDIR Directory for stdin/stdout/stderr files. Since 3.11.


Open SourceGNUPlot

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Popularity 2507
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 20 January 2023


torch 20 January 2023 at 7:26:38 AM
Restored MIPS 2.11 binary

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