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Maxima for WinCE 5.5

Open Source
Port of Maxima 5.5 for Windows CE
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I have ported Maxima to the WinCE platform. My build uses compiled code in dlls and loads fasl vectors from data files. Because my new gcl build uses dlls, saving images does not work anymore. Maybe I will try to make this possible again. But you have compiled code now!
The startup time for 191 fasls is about 60 seconds on my Jornada720. Memory consumption of Maxima after startup is about 6 MB. Heap allocation/reservation was 10 MB and is now 5 MB.

Plotting is supported via gnuplot or openmath.

Tue Aug 28 2001: Fixed problem with spaces in pathnames. Download new build.
Fri Aug 31 2001: New build. Maxima load() problems fixed.
Sun Sep 02 2001: I have written Maxx, a simple editor that
communicates with interpreters via pipes.
Mon Sep 10 2001: XMaxima script available. You need my Tcl/Tlk
port. The script still needs some work.
Wed Sep 12 2001: New build of gcl-dll that uses only 5 MB heap.
I hope that this fixes error 126 while loading
maxima.dll on some devices.
Download gcl-dll-update-05MB-heap.tar.gz.

Unknown. Readline would be nice when used stand-alone. GNUPlot should be changed to interpolate between data points.

• Be sure that the zero-size o-files are extracted and copied to the maxima directory. I got reports that WinZip might not extract these files.
• On PPC, you might not see some output. Try setting HKLM\Environment\CONSOLEFONTSIZE (string value!) in the registry and/or use a program that allows landscape mode on your device. You can also see the output in the file \maxima-stdout.txt in the root directory of your device.
• The files from the share and src directories (eigen.mc, invert.lsp etc) are not included in this distribution. You can get these files from the Win32 or Unix distribution of Maxima. Copy these files to the proper places in gcl/src and gcl/share, so the autoloader can find them.
• XMaxima still needs work. Would be great if someone could fix it for the small displays of hpc and/or ppc and send me the changed file.
Send ideas, bug-reports, help-requests, money and postcards to Rainer Keuchel or to wince-devel

Installation Instructions

• Get the tar file for your device and unpack on your desktop pc. Turn off crlf-smart-conversion when using WinZip.
• Create directory gcl on your device and copy bin, lsp, cmpnew and maxima to that directory. Copy celib.dll and gcl.dll to your \windows directory.
• Create the key HKLM\Environment in the registry on the device if not already there. Add the value GCLDIR, pointing to the path of the gcl dir.
• You should also set ROWS and COLS for the console. These must be string values. You can also set CONSOLEFONTSIZE to change the size of the console font (string value!).
• Maxima can be started by running maxima.exe from the maxima directory.
For information on how to create registry keys/values, refer to the perl or console pages.

Download gcl-dll-update and celib-3.03. The gcl-dll-update fixes a problem with IEEE floats.

When you want to try xmaxima, download that tar file. You need my tcl/tk port for running it. The xmaxima.tcl script still needs some work. It's not easy to change for small screen sizes. Another interface for maxima is maxx, an editor that connects to maxima via pipes. You can also run maxima from Emacs. For plotting see xplotinit. This file uses gnuplot. The xmaxima tar file contains plot-init lips for openmath.


Open SourceAlgebraMaxima

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Released 06 February 2023
Popularity 3043
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 06 February 2023


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