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TeX/LaTeX for Windows CE

Open Source
Port of TeX/LaTeX for Windows CE
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I'm proud to present TeX/Metafont/WinDVI/TeXEd for WinCE. TeX is probably the first Pascal system running on WinCE...
Mon Sep 10 2001: TextMacros and MathSymbol panel in TeXEd.
WaitCursor endless-loop fixed in WinDVI. For both programs
update-packages are available.
Sat Dec 22 2001: Build for SH4.
Fri Jul 12 2002: Builds of bibtex8/makeindex available.

Features and Limitations
• TeXEd is a simple editor written with MFC. It's like my PerlIDE and NQCEditor. You can start tex, mf and windvi from it.
• Fonts must be compiled using a dialog. Only pk fonts supported.
• Specials and Postscript in WinDVI not supported. HTeX is not supported.
• Windvi has now a config dialog. It pops up when pressing 'c'. This dialog is probably too big for a PPC.
• The new builds support automatic font generation from tex and windvi. In windvi, the MakePKFonts option must be checked. For tex, the option -mktex=tfm must be entered in the TeXEd options.
• The HPC windvi builds support printing. You need to set DPI to 300 and MFMode to cx in the dviconfig dialog. Tested only with an OkiPage laser and a network share connection.
• Printing does not work on PPC.


• Turning off anti-aliasing inverts all chars in windvi. Same happened with printing. Seems the GDI does not honor the colormap when displaying 1-bit bitmaps. I will neg all pixels for display also.
• Quitting using 'q' does not save config file. Use the close button.
• Config dialog and buttons of windvi might not get displayed correctly on PPC with standard resolution.
• When a command fails, you might look in the root directory of your device. Most console programs dump their output there.

• One day when I am bored I might port ghostscript/gsview.
• Specials might get supported earlier. I did not yet have a look at them.
• The editor should have abbreviations for common LaTeX constructs.
• texmf.cnf should be created automatically.
Thanks to Donald E. Knuth for his TeX system.
Thanks to Fabrice Popineau for fpTeX, which was used as base for the Windows CE port. The fpTeX page has not been updated for a while.
Thanks to all others involved in TeX.

Installation Instructions


• Get the texmf-package for your device and texmf-common.
• Unzip the files on your PC and copy them to your device. Copy celib.dll to your \windows directory.
• Fix the directories in texmf/cfg/texmf.cnf.
• Start TeXEd and configure options.
• Note that TeXEd must be started from somedir/texmf/bin, since it sets TEXMFCNF and PATH relative to it's location.
• You should enter a value for HOME in HKLM\Environment using a registry editor. windvi stores its config file in the home directory. The key Environment is created the first time you start TeXEd, if it's not already there. This is not a standard key. It's used by celib.dll.
• You should also enter values for ROWS and COLS, as strings. These are used for the console windows.
Automatic font generation in windvi
The following entries should be in $HOME/windvi.cnf:



Open SourceTeXLaTeX

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Popularity 372
Total Downloads  161
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 05 April 2014


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