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GNU CommonLisp for WinCE 2.4.0

Open Source
Port of CommonList for Windows CE
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I have a very basic console version running. Also runs in my new Emacs build as a subprocess.
A new build uses compiled code in dlls and does not support saving images anymore.

Tue Aug 28 2001: Fixed problem with spaces in pathnames. Download new build.

Fri Aug 31 2001: New build. Maxima load() problems fixed.

Fri Sep 07 2001: gcl-dll-update: Fixed IEEE float bugs
that showed up in format. maxima.dll is not loaded anymore for
gcl.exe. Some fixes in socket routines. Download gcl-dll-update.
To make Lsystem work in a gcl connected to pipes, download celib.dll 3.03.

Dumping GCL
Dumping only works in the old gcl build!

• Get my console for wince and install it.
• Start the console and cd to your gcl/bin dir.
• Enter x gcl. This will start gcl.
• In gcl enter (load "xinit"). This loads the init files.
• Then enter (si:save-system "gcl2.exe"). This dumps the heap into a new executable. You will see some information about memory during the dump.
• When finished, gcl exits and you can start gcl2 then.
It's important to use my console because the loadup must be started in a directory below gcl (i.e. bin). The initfiles refer to the gcldir by using .. Other console programs cannot pass the current directory to gcl.


• You might get an error message that gcl cannot allocate heap. Please report this together with information about your device configuration to the address below.
• Some system functions are not yet fixed. This is still alpha. The core lisp stuff should work, though.
Send bug-reports, help-requests, money and postcards to Rainer Keuchel or to wince-devel

• Winzip migth not extract files with size 0. The dummy .o files have size 0, so you will have to use another packer...

• ReadLine integration for console.
• Fix sockets and other system stuff.
• MFC Editor for non-emacs users, which communicates via pipes with gcl.

Installation Instructions

• Get the tar file for your device and the gcl-common tar file. (The gcl-common file is only needed for the old build.) Unpack on your desktop pc. Turn off crlf smart conversion when using WinZip.
• Create directory gcl on your device and copy bin, lsp and cmpnew (and maxima) to that directory. Copy celib.dll to your \windows directory. The new build also contains gcl.dll, which must be copied to \windows.
• Create the key HKLM\Environment in the registry on the device if not already there. Add the value GCLDIR, pointing to the path of the gcl dir.
• You should also set ROWS and COLS for the console. These must be string values. You can also set CONSOLEFONTSIZE to change the size of the console font (string value!).
• When starting gcl now by double-clicking it, it will only load some minimal lisp files. You can load the xinit.lsp in the bin dir to load lisp files for reasonable work. The new build loads all nescessary stuff automatically.
• If you want to create a new image (dump the gcl heap), it's best you get my console for wince. (Does not work in new build).
For information on how to create registry keys/values, refer to the perl or console pages.


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License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Released 06 February 2023
Popularity 2712
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 06 February 2023


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