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KidColor 1.2

KidColor is a kid-safe coloring program.
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While coloring, the interface goes into full-screen mode, preventing accidental button and menu presses. Choosing colors and line widths is a one-tap operation (the child does not have to know to hit the "Ok" button after selecting a color).

Background color can be selected as well as pen color and width. Images can be saved as BMP files. The toolbar (with save and exit buttons as well as color and width selection icons) appears only after 2.5 seconds of inactivity, and if the exit button is selected, the program waits 3 seconds before displaying the confirm exit screen.

Source code is also available for download as this program is licensed under the the GNU General Public License. A modified version for Windows CE 2.11 devices (ARM and MIPS only) provided by CE Geek is also included.

Installation Instructions

Copy the contents of the ZIP file corresponding to the Windows CE device's processor onto the device and execute it from there. (NOTE: H/PC 2000 and H/PC Pro devices will also require the file aygshell.dll [hexedited to CE 2.11 in the case of H/PC Pro].)



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 501
Total Downloads  104
Submitted By CE Geek
Submitted On 19 April 2014


AyamiOoruri29 02 January 2015 at 1:25:48 PM
Can you please make x86 Programs? This is for Emulator for Windows CE 5.0

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