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Iomogu 1.2.1

Iomogu is not an action game, but a game that is going to challenge your mind.
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Main game window on MP790


The game board is divided into two parts: the kind of blocks you need are displayed below the black line. Above that line that is the actual game board. When clicking on a block in the number of blocks of the same colour in that line will be calculated. If you need exactly that number of blocks in this colour, these blocks will disappear and the blocks above them will fall down.

The points you will get for solving a level depends on the level as well as on the time you needed for the solution. If you are very fast, you will even get some bonus points.
The first levels are rather easy, but soon it will become rather complicated. Description of the levels:
1. Step: 2 colours, starting with 20 blocks, ascending from 3 up to 98 blocks.
2. Step: 3 colours, starting with 20 blocks, ascending from 3 up to 98 blocks.
4. Step: 5 colours, starting with 20 blocks ascending from 3 up to 98 blocks.
5. Step: Step 1 to 4, but there is a time limit
6. Step: Step 5, time limit is reduced by 5 seconds.
7. Step: Step 6, time limit is further reduced by 5 seconds.

As you can see, there are many levels. Whenever there is a time limit, the remaining time will be displayed as a green bar within the black horizontal line.

You don't have to restart all the time at level one. There is a menu item allowing you to start on the level you solved last time.

Installation Instructions

Simply copy the executable corresponding to the Windows CE device's processor onto the device and execute it from there. (NOTE: H/PC 2000 devices will also require the file aygshell.dll.)


Gamepuzzle game

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 861
Total Downloads  56
Submitted By CE Geek
Submitted On 24 April 2014


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