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SynCEnotes 1.02

Sync your Microsoft Outlook Notes with your Windows CE device
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Hello you out there. Did you hassle all the time about syncing your Microsoft Outlook Notes with your Windows CE device, like me?

Here comes SynCEnotes, the software that allows you to sync your

This is a time limited freeware version. Initially I planed to
remove the time limit upon release of the first production
Since my goal to find a few sponsors to earn some money was not
successful until now, I want to keep the chance to make you
download a new version for about every 6 months.
This should be not to much work for you and it keeps the product
interesting for potential sponsors in the future.

SynCEnotes will stay freeware. The newest version is always
available on the web page of the author (-> see "Contact").

Installation Instructions

System Requirements
SynCEnotes requires Windows CE 2.0 or higher and Windows 95 /
Windows NT 4.0 or higher on the desktop machine.
Data can be exchaned with Microsoft Outlook 97 and 98. I did no
tests with the Outlook 2000 beta but I´ve been told that it should
SynCEnotes works on HPCs, HPC Pros and PPCs. Just make sure to get
the right version.
It usually needs approximately 250 KB memory on the CE device.
The application itself needs about 60k, the ActiveSync povider about
170k. The rest is for the online help.
SynCEnotes uses the MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes). If they are
not already installed on your device, the installer will add a pretty
large DLL (about 300-450k) to your \windows directory. Most HPC and
all HPC Pros (as far as I know) have this DLL built into ROM. But
most of the PPC, especially the older ones don´t have it. So you have
to take care, that you´ve got enough main memory.
Only the SynCEnotes application resides in the install directory and
therefore can be moved to a CF card. This limitation has nothing to
do with the implementation of SynCEnotes, it exists because
Windows CE requires some files to be placed in the \windows
On the desktop Microsoft Windows CE Services 2.2 are highly
recommended though the software runs with older versions.

To install SynCEnotes is really simple. A setup program is provided
with this distribution that does all the work for you.

Copy all files to a temporary directory of your choice, connect your
device, then start the setup program.

Expiration Patch

See the DLL in syncepc.zip for an expiration patch after February 2000.



License Adware
It's free, but it is supported by advertising.
Website http://weinberger.home.pages.de/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 819
Total Downloads  58
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 04 January 2013


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