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SmallTweak 4.2

SmallTweak is a small program for Handheld PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors.
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SmallTweak is a small program for Handheld PC to configure device settings without using any registry editors.

The following settings can be configured with the current version of

- Items to be displayed at Desktop. My H/PC, Recycle Bin, etc can be
- Items to be displayed at the top of Explorer.
- To associate File Types with Applications.
- Device power off times.
- Window animation.
- Font cache size.
- Scrollbar settings.
- Software Input Panel settings. (CE 2.10 and higher)
- PocketIE to display 65,536 colors. (CE 2.10 and higher)
- Clear history for 'Run' from the Start Menu.
- Clear history for 'Address' of Explorer.

SmallTweak has the following advantages over modifying the registry

1) Safe

Modifying the registry incorrectly may cause the entire system to fail
or crash, especially for inexperienced users. While SmallTweak does
not have such risk.

2) Easy

When using a registry editor, you must know in advance exactly how and
where to make the changes. While SmallTweak uses an easy GUI, you do
not have to know anything about the registry to tweak your device.

3) Convenient

When tweaking under "Action" tab, all previous settings remain in the
drop down list. Thus, you can easily go back to any former settings.

2. How to install SmallTweak

This package contains both control panel applet and independent
executable. Please choose among the two according to your preference.

1) Control panel applet (recommended)

As TweakUI for Windows 95 is also an applet, I insist that SmallTweak
should also be provided as a control panel applet. I recommend the
control panel applet version to those who agree with me. The
installed file is small enough (just over 50KB) to be placed in
\Windows, i.e. in main memory.

Installation Instructions

After copying the appropriate .cab file to any folder on your CE
device, double-tap to execute the file.

Execution of cab file will start installation. During installation,
you will be asked which folder to install SmallTweak to. Please
choose ANY folder according to your preference


License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://geocities.co.jp/siliconvalley-paloalto/5006/index-e.html
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 499
Total Downloads  104
Submitted By CE Geek
Submitted On 07 November 2016


C:Amie 08 December 2018 at 12:02:04 PM
Great little TweakUI type utility.

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