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Entertainment Pack 2.0

Did you create this program, do you know who did?
If you have stopped selling this program commercially, closed down your business or soon will be, the Windows CE community will have lost a valued developer and quite possibly your effort and creativity will be lost forever! It doesn't have to be this way,. The Windows CE community needs your help to preserve the historic legacy of Windows CE now more than ever as it enters into its twilight years.
Will you please consider either open sourcing or converting your license to a HPC:Factor Exemptionware license, where you keep full control of your application's rights without any support commitment but which allows the community to benefit from your efforts.
Please contact the webmaster if you are interested or would like more information and please be assured that HPC:Factor in no way benefits financially from any Exemptionware applications.
Free-time diversions in the palm of your hand. Select from ten different games, ranging from high-energy action to more cerebral pursuits.
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Taipei
Screenshot of Chess
Screenshot of Blackjack
Screenshot of Code Breaker
Screenshot of Hearts
Screenshot of Sink the Ships
Screenshot of Freecell
Screenshot of Reversi
Screenshot of Space Defense
Screenshot of Minesweeper
Screenshot of Taipei


Free-time diversions in the palm of your hand.
Remember to play. Take a break from your hard work and relax with a good game. Select from ten different games, ranging from high-energy action to more cerebral pursuits- Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows CE has enough variety and challenges for everyone.

Hone your strategic skill.
Whether it's in the waiting room or the boardroom, you're ready to challenge the computer to a showdown, or play against a friend using the Infrared port of your handheld PC.

Choose a stress-relieving action game or one of the two-player battles of wits. Either way you're in for some fun with your handheld PC. And, with flexible installation, you can install as many of the games as you want and save the others for later.

Hit me.
Don't worry about losing one of these games. Even if you need to remove one from your handheld PC, your high scores and preferences will be saved for easy reinstallation- just jump in right where you left off!

Ten great games:

Sink the Ships: Track down and sink the enemy fleet. Infrared.
Space Defense: Protect your star bases from incoming missiles.
Blackjack: Beat the dealer in this favorite casino card game.
Chess: Use strategy and skill in this well-known favorite.
Codebreaker: Break the secret code in this brainteaser.
FreeCell: All the cards are showing, and it's still difficult!
Hearts: The challenging card game classic for one or two. Infrared.
Minesweeper: Clear the minefield using skill and speed.
Reversi: Victory is uncertain until the last piece is flipped. Infrared.
Taipei: Match the tiles in this Far Eastern favorite.

Program Cost

$24.95 USD (£20.62 GBP, €23.71 EUR, ¥3,724.97 JPY, est.)


MicrosoftGameChessBlackjackReversiminesweepersink the shipsspace defensecodebreakerfreecellheartstaipei

License Payware
Commercial programs with formal license terms.
Website http://www.microsoft.com
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Released 25 September 1998
Language Support English
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 16 August 2022


archival36 18 February 2022 at 7:04:32 AM
I wish this is still available.. I love Space Defense back in the day.

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