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CanTris 091002

CanTris is a simple Tetris clone. It has all the usual single player goodies, as well as a support for 2-players through IR and TCP/IP
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Cantris....hmmm, does it look like Tetris?


CanTris is a simple Tetris clone. It has all the usual single player goodies, as well as a support for 2-players through IR and TCP/IP. CanTris also features a portal server, which is a Java-based server that maintains a list of players looking for opponent. The portal server also maintains a Hi-score and 2-player ranking list. There are PocketPC, HandheldPC and Win32 versions of CanTris available. All versions are compatible, so you can play between different platforms (e.g. PocketPC vs. laptop using IR).

Revision history
* Fixed a bug in key mapping dialog. You could enter a key by keyboard and it got selected in the list box, but when you OK'd the dialog, changes didn't get saved.

* Fixed a bug in screen resizing that resulted blocks falling under task bar in HPC devices. Also now 2-player mode should look better in devices with high resolutions (640x480 ...).
* The pause key was not working in PPCs. Fixed.

+ Added key mapping option. Now you can customize keys for the following actions: move left, move right, rotate, drop, pause and send message. Notice that the Win32-port doesn't have the key mapping option though. In order to catch hardware key messages, (PPC version of) CanTris now needs GAPI library to function. You can download it from Microsoft's web site at www.microsoft.com.
* I've included H/PC Pro 2.11 ARM/MIPS/SH3 versions into the release package. I cannot test them since I don't own such devices. Please report any problems you may encounter.

* I've included the MIPS and SH3 versions into the release package. The problem with them is that I cannot test them since I don't own devices with those processors. I've heard that the MIPS version seems to be working fine. I've not heard anything from the SH3 version. I think that by including them in the release package exposes them to more people. Thus more sooner I get to hear about possible problems and get to fix them.
* Updated help file a bit to mention that Dersumize-option also affects whether it's possible to "slide" blocks sideways after dropping them.

* CanTris exited whether you answered yes or no to the program exit dialog (Win32). Fixed.
* Updated the server to use Jetty 4.0.1. This may help some people having difficulties getting the server to run.
* Minor cosmetic changes.

* You could type longer chat messages than 80 characters (actually the maximum chat message length is 79 characters + zero terminator). As a result, your messages could become truncated. Fixed.

+ Added 'Refresh' button to the portal connection dialog.
* Portal connection dialog was shown even if you had a wrong password. Fixed.
* HPC2K version didn't show portal connect dialog if started from the popup menu (actually it did if you had menubar on or at least had toggled it on for a while). Fixed.

+ When syncing Hi-scores, if your best Hi-score is lower than the lowest Hi-score on the server, you will be asked for confirmation if you really want to synchronize Hi-scores.
* When in 2-player mode, 'Show next' option is disabled. If you had this option turned on when in 2-player mode, blocks were still drawn to the screen. Fixed.

* An alarm sound is played when play request is received. This might help in situations where you are not around your computer while receiving a play request.
* Server now shows order numbers in ranking list HTML page.

* NOTE! Previous configuration file is not compatible with this version. You need to delete previous ini-file before running this version.
* Portal server functionality is MUCH MUCH better now.
* The portal server is now coded with Java instead of C.
+ Implemented a 2-player ranking system. Rankings are between 100 and 1, 1 being the best ranking. When you win a 2-player game, your ranking will decrease and when you lose a 2-player game your ranking will increase. The ranking is calculated as follows:

new_winner_rank = winner_old_ranking - (e^((winner_old_ranking-1)/50)-1)
new_loser_rank = loser_old_ranking + (e^((winner_old_ranking-1)/50)-1),

where e is the mathematical constant ~ 2.718281828. So when you lose to a person with significantly better ranking, your ranking will not be affected that much. But when you win a person with significantly better ranking, your ranking will decrease quite nicely (and the loser's ranking will increase by the same amount).

* Fixed bug that occured when changed focus to some other application. Upon returning the task bar would show up (and stay up). This fix also speeds up redrawing of the screen.

* NOTE! Previous hiscores are not valid anymore due to the changes described below!
* Changed level configuration. Now there are levels 0-9 instead of 1-10. Also level change algorhitm is changed. Now level = total lines / 10. For example, if you start at level 5, you will stay on that level until you have 60 lines.

* Optimized block drawing a bit (no pun intended)

+ Added a CanTris server application to the package. It is used to maintain a global hiscore list and a list of players looking for opponent. For more information about the server refer to the 'CanTris quickhelp.html'.
* Fixed some bugs with crap line insertion in two player mode.

+ You can now send messages to other player (max. 80 chars)
* Now you cannot try to start multiplayer game when already connected to another player
* To implement the message sending I had to change the communications protocol rendering this version to be incompatible with the older versions

+ Support for 2 players through IR or TCP/IP!
+ Much work done to enhance the PPC version
+ I added a Win32 version to the package
* Changed the ugly default background image to a much nicer one
* Should now handle input panels more properly

+ Initial public release

Installation Instructions

PocketPC with ARM, MIPS or SH3 processor with GAPI library installed
Handheld PC 2000 with ARM processor
H/PC Pro Win CE 2.11 with ARM, MIPS or SH3 processor



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.kotiposti.net/sodacan/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 501
Total Downloads  102
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 04 January 2013


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