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Quack 1.24

Remap the keyboard on a Japanese language
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This software is for changing the keyboard layout of the Japanese version of Windows CE. What you can do

Change the keyboard layout to ASCII layout (the key top is not engraved)
Jornada680 Japanese version, when only the keyboard is replaced with the English version, it is possible to input according to the key top
Make the keyboard layout a DVORAK layout
Swap left Ctrl and Caps
Swap left Ctrl and Tab
Set Shift, Ctrl, Alt to Sticky

Each function can be turned on / off individually. Please refer to the attached document for usage etc.

When 1.24 is run on Jornada 720, ASCII array etc. does not work properly. I-taka has released a version that fixes this problem, so please use this.

It has been reported that when running on the Japanese version of Jornada 710/720, setting a password with HP security causes a hang after a reset. Please be careful if applicable.
Changes in the latest version

* Keyboard Remapper for WindowsCE
* Copyright(C) 1999-2000 Satoshi Nakamura
* Copyright(C) 1999-2000 Satoshi Nakamura
* All rights reserved.
* * * Copyright(C) 1999-2000 Satoshi Nakamura * All rights reserved.
* * Copyright(C) 1999-2000 Satoshi Nakamura * All rights reserved.

This software is designed to change the key layout of the Japanese version of Windows CE. You can do the following
To change the key layout to ASCII (the key layout will be different from the engraving on the key top).
To change the key layout to ASCII (not the same as the engraving on the keytop) ·To change the keyboard layout to English on Jornada 680
To change the key layout to DVORAK layout.
Switch left Ctrl and Caps.
Switch left Ctrl and Tab.
Make Shift, Ctrl and Alt sticky.
These are the following. Each function can be turned on and off individually.

1. extract the archive
Copy quack.dll to the Windows directory. 3.
Copy quack.exe to an appropriate directory. 4.
4. launch quack.exe and configure it. 5.
5. reset the unit

Please use the following quack.dll: 1.
1. sh3/quack.dll for the SH3 model
2. arm/quack.dll for ARM H/PC Pro (CE2.11) 4. arm/quack.dll for ARM H/PC 2000
4. arm/ex/quack.dll for ARM H/PC 2000 (CE3.0) models
3. for MIPS H/PC (CE 2.0) models, mips/quack.dll
4. mips/ex/quack.dll for MIPS H/PC Pro (CE 2.11) or later

The following models have been confirmed to work
sh3/quack.dll : Jornada680, A55V, A60
mips/quack.dll : MobileGear for Docomo
mips/ex/quack.dll : MC-R520
arm/quack.dll : Jormada820
arm/ex/quack.dll : Jornada720

1. launch quack.exe and click the uninstall button
2. reset the device
3. delete quack.dll and quack.exe

Uninstall the software. 2.
2. overwrite quack.dll in the Windows directory with the new version
Reset the device

1. launch quack.exe 2.
2. select "ASCII (A)" to set the ASCII array.
If the Jornada 680 has a Japanese OS and an English keyboard, check "Use English keyboard with Jornada 680 (&J)". If you do not select "Use ASCII keyboard (A)", this setting will be disabled. 4.
To use the DVORAK keyboard, select "Use DOVRAK keyboard (D)". 4.
4. select "Do nothing (N)" if you do not want to replace the left Ctrl key.
To replace the left Ctrl key with the Caps Lock key, select 'Replace with Caps Lock (C)'. 6.
6. select 'Replace with Tab (T)' to replace the left Ctrl key with Tab.
7. to make Shift, Ctrl, Alt sticky, check "Make Shift, Ctrl, Alt sticky (S)
When sticky, you can specify the double-tap interval in "Double-tap interval (G)". The unit is ms. If the interval is shorter than this, the key will be locked. 9.
9. press OK to finish the setting.
Reset the device.

If you replace the left Ctrl key with Tab, the application switching dialog may not appear by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Copyright (C)
This software is free software.
This software is free software.
The copyright of this software is held by the author, Tomofumi Nakamura.
The copyright of this software is held by the author, Tomofumi Nakamura. ·Please contact me in advance if you want to redistribute this software.

[Version 1.00 (1999/06/26)]
Released for now.

[Version 1.01 (1999/06/28)]
Added support for maps with Jornada680 Japanese version and English keyboard.
Fixed the problem that Shift+0 becomes '+' on non-Jornada680.

[Version 1.02 (1999/06/29)]
Fixed incorrect mapping of '\' and '/' on Jornada680 Japanese and English keyboards.

[Version 1.10 (Aug 28, 1999)]
Added support for swapping left Ctrl and Caps, and left Ctrl and Tab.
Added a setting application.

[Version 1.11 (Aug 29, 1999)]
Fixed a bug that left Ctrl and Caps swapping does not work properly.

[Version 1.12 (1999/09/15)]
Added MIPS version.

[Version 1.13 (1999/10/14)]
Fixed a bug that the MIPS version does not work.

[Version 1.14 (1999/11/16)]
Fixed the problem that the character ')' is not displayed by Shift+0 when the ASCII array is changed to the model that does not display the character by Shift+0 (MobileGearII etc.).
Added debugging code to the MIPS version, since it seems to not work on CX300.

[Version 1.15 (1999/12/21)]
Changed the mapping method so that Ctrl+[, Ctrl+] will produce the correct WM_CHAR (I changed the mapping method, so it may have been buggy elsewhere).
(The mapping method has been changed, so there may have been a bug elsewhere.) - Fixed the problem where the ')' character was not displayed when Shift+0 was used for an ASCII array on models that do not display characters with Shift+0 (MobileGearII, etc.).
I heard that it doesn't work with CX300, so I added a more detailed debug code to the MIPS version.

[Version 1.16 (Dec. 29, 1999)]
Added support for DVORAK array mapping.

[Version 1.17 (2000/01/05)]
Fixed a bug in the configuration UI.
ARM version added.

[Version 1.20 (Jan 16, 2000)]
Added sticky mode (double-tap Shift, Ctrl, Alt to lock).
[Version 1.21 (Jan 16, 2000)]
Fixed a bug that prevented Sticky from working when it was turned on alone.
Fixed that the default interval between two presses is not displayed.

[Version 1.22 (2000/01/17)]
Fixed a problem with MC-R520 and CX300 (but I don't know if it will work. (However, I don't know if it will work or not. It is dangerous, so please make a backup before installing.

[Version 1.23 (Jan. 19, 2000)]
Added support for MC-R520.
Alt+Cursor key can also be set to Sticky.

[Version 1.24 (2000/12/11)]
Added support for H/PC 2000 (jornada 720 for now).

---Version 1.24 (2000/12/11)
Satoshi Nakamura <snak@kiwi.ne.jp>

System Requirements

Manually copy the contents of the CPU architecture folder to your Handheld PC and double tap on quack.exe.

Installation Instructions

Manually copy the contents of the CPU architecture folder to your Handheld PC and double tap on quack.exe.


SigmarionKey Remapper

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://q3.snak.org/ja/old.html
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
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Submitted By stingraze
Submitted On 01 November 2021


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