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JCastCE 0.7

Open Source
Atari ST emulator
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JCastCE is a direct port from the Pocket PC Atari ST emulator "CastCE" which was incompatible with the Jornada 7xx series.

This is a double port from "Castaway" for PC, then from "CastCE" for Pocket PC.
"Castaway" was coded by Joachim Hoeing
"CastCE" was coded by Andrew Gower, CharlyV, Honnolulu, CeRiAl and Laurent Poupon copyright (C) 2002-2005 by Schtruck

Installation Instructions

Just put the JCastCE exe file in any folder. Put some TOS rom files (1.02 works great) in the same folder.
Don't forget some floppy disks, they can be ST or MSA files. Zip archived should work too.

In order to make JCastCE works on a Jornada 7xx, you must have "GAPI for HPC" and "RedGear" installed.
In GAPI, you should have the following set :
- Setup : Emulate Pocket PC-width (240 pixel)
- Setup : Emulate Pocket PC-height (320 lines)
- Setup : Remove taskbar
- Setup : Hide Desktop
- GAPI : 90°
- Display : "Change orientation at program start to" 90°
Anything else set at default.
You can save those settings with the "Save settings to..." button in GAPI, then put the new file in the JCastCE folder.

!!! JCastCT will not work if the Windows desktop taskbar is hidden !!!

In redGear, everything set at default (don't change the orientation !).


emulationAtariAtari ST

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website https://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/view-profile.asp?action=view&uid=37624
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Popularity 1468
Total Downloads  19
Submitted By alexpda77
Submitted On 29 April 2022


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