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PocketNotepad 4.0

PocketNotepad is a pocket version of Windows Notepad.
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What is PocketNotepad

PocketNotepad is a pocket version of Windows Notepad. PocketNotepad runs on CE devices.

The concept of PocketNotepad is "To provide the same feature as Desktop Notepad does" or "Nothing added to the original Notepad". :-)
That is, no toolbars, rebar bands, etc...

On the other hand, it does not provide several functions as it is becoming to its name. The eliminated functions are, for example, printing, drag&drop, help files and so on.

Thus, in the case you do not use Notepad on your desktop mainly, it is not considered as appropriate to use PocketNotepad heavily on your CE device. It is thought as appropriate to use PocketNotepad for viewing text files, for taking short memo, for a buffer in cutting and pasting.

While, in the case you are a heavy user of desktop Notepad, PocketNotepad would be the most preferable editor on your CE device.
It's small, light, cute and simple. PocketNotepad does not require MFC dll. It's really small!

How to uninstall PocketNotepad

You can uninstall it via 'Remove Programs' applet in the control panel. There is an entry named 'Tillanosoft PocketNotepad. Choose the entry then press 'Remove' button.

How to execute PocketNotepad

By choosing PocketNotepad in Accessory of Programs, or in Programs for Pocket PC, after opening the Start menu, PocketNotepad executes.

How to exit from PocketNotepad

You can quit by choosing 'exit' item in the 'File' menu, or exit button on the upper right corner of the PocketNotepad window in the case you are using H/PC.

4.0 2006.1.30 Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 improved

Compatibility with Windows Mobile 5 has been improved. Especially, updated version supports Windows Mobile 5 softkeys.
Optional close button on the upper right corner of main window has been added for Windows Mobile 5.
New online help topics for Font Settings and Settings in About page have been added.

3.4 2004.10.5 Improved compatibility with WM2003SE PPC VGA Screen

PocketNotepad has improved compatibility with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC VGA Screen.
Bold option has been added in font settings.

3.3 2003.9.8 Journal function fixed

Journal function with leading .LOG at the very beginning of a document did not work correctly with Pocket PC 2003. This problem has been fixed.

Installation Instructions

If you are upgrading from PocketNotepad 3.4 or earlier, please
uninstall it first, then install the PocketNotepad with the
following procedure.

By extracting the files from zipped archive, you will find
'setup.exe'. Execute the 'setup.exe' on your Desktop PC to install
PocketNotepad on your Pocket PC.

If your Desktop PC was Windows 2000/XP, your account should belong to
'Power Users' or 'Administrators' group to execute 'setup.exe'
properly. If your account did not, copy an appropriate cab file
included in the zipped archive to your Windows CE device according to
the CPU type and device type of your Windows CE device, then execute
the cab file on your Windows CE device to install.


Text EditorNotepad

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://geocities.co.jp/siliconvalley-paloalto/5006/index-e.html
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 30 January 2006
Language Support English,Japanese
Popularity 1555
Total Downloads  17
Submitted By dionysius
Submitted On 22 June 2022


torch 04 February 2024 at 3:44:44 AM
added Japanese version

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