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ScummVM 0.10.0

Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port
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Courtesy: User "cybercop" from the ScummVM Forums. Their port for Windows CE 5.0 MIPS
"With Knakos's help, I can manage to build MIPS version of scummvm. This is not a official release of scummvm.
So, you can't expect much support of this build. Pls, do not ask a question about this build to scummvm development team.
t includes several SDL.dll (1.2.12) files based on
diffect video output support.
WinDIB(High Compatibility, low performance),
GAPI(I can't test on my device, it doesn't support GAPI)
DirectX with RGB format (WinCE 5.0 support DDraw.dll)
DirectX with BGR format (my device..weird setting :? )

Difference with official scummvm 0.10.0 for wince.
Ignore "Smush_force_redraw" of scummvm.ini, It will act like PC version (Could be slow on slow machine).
Add some extra font files for Korean language support."

More notes:
PocketScummVM v0.10 for WinCE/MIPS Release
This release is PocketScummVM v0.10, ported for WinCE 5.0/MIPS.
I cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur during the installation and use of this program.
Make it clear that there isn't.
This program is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL).
For the source distribution of the program, refer to the end of the guide.

What is ScummVM?
ScummVM is designed for a variety of classic graphical point-and-click adventure games.
It is a virtual machine. Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones style
It is designed to run games based on the SCUMM system.
List of running games
(See below for games that have been tested.)

How to install the game?
Download the game for ScummVM and place the folder in the subdirectory where ScummVM is installed.
Just unzip it and copy it.
You can easily find the following game descriptions and how to use ScummVM on the Internet.
there is.

installation method
After unzipping, create a folder of your choice and copy it into it.
SDL.DLL file is required for execution. according to your device below

1. Digital Cube NetForce/NetForce2/M43
Copy SDL.DLL from SDL_DirectXBGR folder to SummVM installed folder.
2. Devices that support DirectDraw such as Philip P2/Cowon Q5
Copy SDL.DLL from the SDL_DirectXRGB folder to the SummVM installation folder.
3. General DirectX not supported WinCE Device
If GAPI (GX.DLL) is installed on the device
Copy SDL.DLL from the SDL_GAPI_NotTested folder to the SummVM installation folder.
If GAPI (GX.DLL) is not installed on the device
Copy SDL.DLL from SDL_GAPI_WinDIB folder to SummVM installed folder.

Execute scummvm.exe through explorer, etc.
At first launch, it runs on a small screen.
In the 3rd button below, go to Options and in the Graphics Tab
Set the Graphics mode to 2x or 2xSAI (recommended) and then exit and re-enter.

games tested
Curse of Monkey Island 1 (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK (must be skipped from the intro screen)
Curse of Monkey Island 2 (English) - OK
Curse of Monkey Island 3 (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK
Indy4 - Atlantis (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK
Broken Sword 1 (English) - If there is no voice, on scummvm.ini
(Swordsman) Change "Game Folder\Cluster" to "Game Folder" for it to work properly.
Dig (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK
Loom (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK
Sorter1 (English) - OK
Sorterer2 (English) - OK
Day of Tentacle (English) - OK
Beneath a Steel Sky (US) - OK
Flight of the Amazon Queen (US) - OK
Full Throttle (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK
The Legend of Kyrandia 1 (Korean) - Language=Korean, OK
The Legend of Kyrandia 2 (Korean) - Language=Korean, Not OK...Not working

Source distribution will be uploaded to my personal blog program source.

[Source] [Shared] ScummVM 0.10.0 Distribution| Author Stone of Life


GameemulationSCUMMVirtual MachineLucasArts

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2122
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 08 August 2022


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