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JDIC 2.2

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JDIC for Windows-CE

[Some release notes by Koji Nishitani <nisitani@cmh.rd.casio.co.jp>,
slightly edited by Jim Breen, and incorporating information from email
with Koji.]

In Japan, there are four different HPC available:

(1)WinCE 1.01 Japanese version for SH3 (CASIO)
(2)WinCE 1.01 Japanese version for MIPS (NEC)
(3)WinCE 2.0 U.S. version for SH3 (CASIO, HP)
(4)WinCE 2.0 U.S. version for MIPS (NEC, SHARP, etc)

Each of these four environments has its own binary.
Please make sure which device you are going to use.
I sent two zip files for (3) and (4). Both zip files have upsV10a.txt
but each contents are different. Please look at carefully.

You should get kctrl.dll and font files for your WinCE palmtop from

Please follow these instructions:

A. Copy KCTRL.DLL into \Windows directory
B. Copy Font file into \Windows or \Windows\fonts directory.
C. Copy JDIC.EXE into \Storage Card
D. Copy EDICT and EDICT.JDX into \Storage Card

\Storage Card directory does not appear when you don't use
ATA or Compact flash card.

If you have any question, please let me know and tell me your

Koji Nishitani

And on 31 Mar 1998 Koji sent an updated version with these comments:

These two files are new version JDIC.exe which is
EDICT look up software for Windows CE.
This time, I included English readme text file and
I combined 4 type of binary into 2.
This means user only have to select CPU types.
If you use SH3 CPU, you have to use jdic20s.zip
or you use MIPS CPU, you have to use jdic20m.zip.

And I added several new feature in this version.
Please browse readme file and html file.
And on 06 Apr 1998:

I found a bug on JDIC Ver2.0. So I uploaded revised version
right now. The bug is about path saving into the registory.
If you specify PDIC path shorter than EDICT path, EDICT
path shorten as PDIC path length. And I also did the miner
change into JDIC.EXE and JDICHelp.exe.
Tue, 21 Apr 1998

From NIFTY serve BBS, I got a bug report on JDIC Ver2.1. So I uploaded
revised version right now. The bug is about depth of the path where
JDIC.EXE program installed.
If you put the JDIC.EXE into , for example "\Program
files\Tools\JDIC\JDIC.EXE" , JDIC.EXE can not execute. I fixed this
issue and revised serval operability as follows:
(1) You can scroll the result window using up / down key without
changing the focus to that window.
(2) When you execute this program, if clipboard has some text, then
find this text as soon as starting up.
(3) Some user who use English version Windows CE device had trouble
about the Japanese font. I change the default font size for English
version device from 14 dot to 12 dot.
(4) I assigned the CTRL+"L" as the clear the text.
Mark Neufeld" <neufeld@my.email.ne.jp comments:

Thank you for the information you sent several weeks ago regarding Koji
Nishitani's JDIC for WindowsCE. I got it set up (one thing that's needed
which isn't mentioned in his documentation is cefont.ttf).



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 20 September 2022


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