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Pocket DivX Player


Application Name Pocket DivX Player
Version 0.8
License Type Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
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The Pocket DivX Player is a FREE Open Source multifunction video and audio player for the Handheld PC platform that can play DivX, OpenDivX, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 videos and MP3 audio.
Description The Pocket DivX Player is a FREE Open Source multifunction video and audio player for the PocketPC platform that can play DivX, OpenDivX, MPEG-4, MPEG-1 videos and MP3 audio. Thanx to the hard work and dedication of Marc Dukette and Pedro, who now lead the development team of the Pocket DivX Player. We finally have a media player for the PPC platform that we feel has surpassed any others that are currently available today. A special thanx to Oliver Drobnik, who was the first individual to start this project and to William Kinfoussia for all his help and support to this team. Pocket DivX Player Features List - 10-Band Equalizer with Pre-Amp - PlayList Support - PlayList Editor - Web Streaming - Brightness Control (ARM devices only) - File Association Support - Hardware Button Mapping - Shuffle Play - 90 degree Rotate - 2:1 zoom - Bi-linear filtering for zoom mode - Dithering (ARM devices only) - Fast Forward - Seek Bar - Volume Control - Custom File Open Dialog - Custom Web View Streaming File Selection Dialog - Keep Alive for device shutoff suspension - Play At File Open option - Definable Caching for performance/power utilization Supported Audio/Video Formats - Video: Divx, OpenDivX, Avi, MPEG-1 w/ FFMPEG mpeg video decoder - Audio: MP3 and Layer I + II Audio w/ MAD MP3 decoder Change Log ChangeLog Version 0.8 Features - New 10 band Equalizer - New Preamp - New Casio BE300 kit thanks to Cameron. - New Performance improvements for all devices - Improved streaming routines - Improved caching routines - Maintain last 5 used URLs in web folder view - Added URL support for PlayList - More performance improvements - Modified display routines to center oversized video when clipping (zoom and some MIPS not done yet) - Associated PlayList with Player rather than Editor. - Added ".divx" file extension support. - 3800 series IPAQ support added. - Memory requirements reduced. - New "No Avi Index" option added for reduced memory requirements (Little slower, no seeking) - New "Always Hide Menus" option to hide menus even when video is smaller than screen. - About window with version number. - Brightness control for all ARM devices. - Clear button to clear all button mappings. - Better file naming for Web Folder View. - Much improved performance for NON IPAQ ARM devices (only non zoomed routines so far) - Improved Web Folder View\'s name derivation. - Column Sorting in Open File Dialog (forward/backward) and it remembers - Made "All" button in Open File Dialog for selecting all files currently in view, if not shuffled will play in sorted order. - Added Stop hardware button in configuration. - Minor adjustment for smoother (no drop count difference) playback of mpeg-1. - New File association Dialog in setup Corrections - Issues with case sensitivity in FOURCC and file extensions. - Fixed RGB routines to show full 16-bit color on 16 bit color devices. - Cleaned up several bugs in new caching and streaming. - More general stability bugs. - Streaming crash resolved. - Some caching of large files problems resolved (still some work to do here) - MPEG-1 video only bug resolved. - Recent URL bug fixed. - More caching issues resolved. - Fixed @migo display routines (Still uses IPAQ build). - Fixed problem with high bitrate mpeg-1s thinking they were VBR. - MP3 tempo issue resolved( slight performance hit expected) - Fixed Mirrored rotate display on PPC2002 build. - Fixed keep alive to only work if movie is playing. - MP3 memory leak issue - Several caching/memory management bugs with PPC2002 upgrade. - Several more caching problems resolved. - Fixed bug with extra "."s in filename causing file not to be displayed in open file dialog. - Fixed problem with long filenames overwriting the time section in the file info bar. - Fixed problem where sometimes volume slider does not move when adjusting volume with buttons. - Fixed problem in the Open URL dialog, if you do not enter the "http://" it would fail to find site. - Fixed brightness spelling :) - Fixed problems with hardware buttons in PPC2002 upgrade for IPAQ (maybe others as well). - Fixed problem with keepalive not working without restarting. - Fast Forward with "No AVI Index" option. - Removed that extra "." in the file type column. - Fixed problem with "Play At File Open" when file is launched from explorer. - Fixed problem with missing files in PlayList. - Fixed more caching problems - Fixed HP 720 volume problem. ChangeLog Version 0.7 Features New File Open Dialog for Player and Playlist Editor New File Info Bar Clipping for images too large for the screen New IPAQ speed optimizations New ARM bi-linear filtering New ARM Scene detection optimization Non IPAQ PocketPC 2002 kit HP Jornada 680 kit Massive performance improvements for mpeg-1 playback New Web Folder view for finding files to stream Incorporated display routines into base player so each codec does not need copy of yuv2rgb routines. This allowed the removal of the mpeg.dll New configuration screen with user defineable cache size and button mappings VBR mpeg-1 support Support for non standard sample rates through re-sampling Supported Audio Video format checking New Optimized rotation routines for IPAQ Swapped display routines for IPAQ so all devices display in same format Big performance improvements in Divx for all devices Corrections Fixed occasional crash at end of movies Minor bug fixes Fixed some more stability issues Fixed Slider and Fast Forward issues with mpeg-1 Fixed Fastforward issues with DivX Fixed Rotated pause screen issue Fixed bug with resolutions not divisible by 16 Fixed problem with volume hardware buttons no going all the way to 0 MPEG-1 case sensitivity problem ChangeLog Version 0.5 Features Much cleaner integrate PocketPC UI IPAQ UI cleanup with regards to drawing pause screen MIPS win CE 2.11 UI cleanup with regards to task bar and full screen Divx 3.11 playback support MAD mp3 OpenSource MP3 decoder incorporated in place of xaudio 32-bit video access for for all MIPS specific yuv2rgb routines, with huge performance improvements for these devices General performance improvements for MIPS and ARM New Dithering video for non zoomed IPAQ video New linear filtering for zoomed IPAQ video Integrated Volume control fixed for all PDAs File Caching for Microdrive optimizations cleaned and improved Play At File Open option added Corrections Many Bugs Resolved ChangeLog Version 0.4 (DivX core 4.0 alpha 50) Features Major performance increase for IPAQ and SH3 on large resolution videos Major performance increase on E10x when in fullscreen mode Slider bar has been added for seeking in the video Slider Bar added for volume control(PocketPC only) Most settings now load and save to registry Prototype of Microdrive caching Can now change most setting while playing (ie. zoom,rotate,Clean) Pause screen repainting has been cleaned up Debug Messages Removed:-> Project re-arranged for optimum performance Corrections Many Bugs Resolved ChangeLog Version 0.3 (DivX Core 4.0 Alpha 50) Features Huge performance increases on all platforms Fast Forward and Step Forward/Backward implemented Executable now detects existence or absence of xaudio.dll and will simply disable audio if not present Corrections Audio Sync problems corrected Most crashes and hangs fixed
Installation Instructions
Tags video, DivX, mpeg, player, audio, FFMPEG
Popularity 236
Total Downloads 277
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 06 January 2013


The file "Casio_BE300.zip" is missing from the full download archive of Pocket DivX Player 0.8. If you have this file, please get in touch. We also do not have a copy of the source code for this program.
#1 By C:Amie on 06 January 2013 at 2:25:31 PM
I need some way to get at least SOME Video playback on my HP Jornada 680
#2 By Creepebrine on 12 November 2018 at 7:34:24 PM
Creepebrine, use TCPMP and GAPI. You'll need something like DVD Catalyst to otimise the encoding bitrate though.
#3 By C:Amie on 09 December 2018 at 12:10:32 PM

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