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PocketXPDF 1.5

Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port PDF
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Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port PDF

This program is a PDF Viewer developed for Pocket PC/Smart Phone/Windows Mobile.

It may not work in the WinCE core version as it uses .NET features.

I built for WinCE/MIPS what was originally for ARM only.

There was an error in the location display of the toolbar in the WinCE operating system, so it was corrected.

To install, create any folder and unzip the files in it.

Other than that, the original functionality is intact and works fine in WinCE/MIPS.

Precautions :

0. Do not include Korean characters in the path name (eg hard disk\Xpdf = error)

http://cafe.naver.com/s43user/40051 (Reported by Tiger)

1. If the PDF file name is not in English (eg Korean name), it cannot be recognized.

The file name must be in English to work properly.

2. In the case of very large Hangul, there was a phenomenon that it was not printed.

Original source: http://pocketxpdf.sourceforge.net/

Below is a comparison of the PDF output screen of PocketXPDF and the output screen of the built-in PDF Viewer.

Print Quality Comparison


[Source] PocketXPDF (PDF Viewer) MIPS build version | Author Stone of Life



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2894
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 24 September 2022


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