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PocketCultMAME 0.4a

Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port PocketCultMAME
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Unofficial Windows CE 5.0 MIPS Port PocketCultMAME

PocketCultMAME 0.4a Beta Release

This release is PocketCultMAME 0.4a ported for Digital Cube Netforce.
(Not tested on other WinCE 5.0 / MIPS devices)
Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from the installation and use of this program.
Distribution of this program is free, but the source must be identified and the original compressed form must be maintained.
Also, you may not distribute or use it for commercial purposes.

1. MAME for WinCE based on MAME version 0.36
PocketMAME is based on the old version of MAME, so the number of ROMs running and
The format is based on version 0.36.
Please note that many games are unsupported versions.
Please refer to #4 for compatible ROMs that I have tested

2. Install and run
1. Create a folder in the device and copy the contents of the compressed file.
(Example: \PocketMAME)

The current gamepad driver is not installed
To use a USB gamepad, follow step 2,
If you are using only a keyboard, or if you already have a USB gamepad driver
If yes, go to step 4.

2. Move the PADHID.DLL file to the \Windows folder in the device.

3. After executing TascalRegEdit.exe in the folder, select File -> Import
Select the PADHID.reg file and enter it into the registry.
Steps 2 and 3 are the steps to install the USB gamepad driver.
This procedure only needs to be done once for the first time unless Windows is initialized.
However, you have to do it every time on the device being initialized.

If you only want to install the gamepad driver, you only need to do it 2 or 3 times.

4. Put the rom file you want to run into the roms directory of the created folder.
Copy and run PCMAMES43.exe.
(Example: \PocketMAME\roms)

5. If you want to quit during the game, press Enter
For NatForce (S43), press and hold the jog button.

3. Key settings and usage
Preferences : The default setting is set to Keyboard.
Note: Do not use the Enter key as it is set to end the program.
Default keyboard settings
Adjustment: arrow keys
Fire 1: CTRL key
Fire 2: ALT key
Fire 3: Shift key
Launch 4: No. 4 key
Coin: No. 5 key
Start: No. 6 key
Default USB Settings
Adjustment: Left analog pad
Fire 1: Button 1
Fire 2: Button 2
Fire 3: Button 3
Fire 4: Button 4
Coin: Button 5
Start: button 6

When using as the default keyboard setting: Just use it.
When using a USB pad as a default: Copy the default.cfg.gamepad file in the configs folder to default.cfg and run it.
If you want to change the default settings:
You can enter by selecting the Options button on the first screen.
If you only want to change settings for a specific game:
On the first screen, select the game you want to change settings for
Go to the Options button, change the settings, and select "For the game selected"
The settings for that game are saved. After that, just select the game and start.

3-1. Video Option Description
Orientation - Set the screen's output orientation.
In general, you can use "Auto, Landscape 90' ??CW".
If the screen is displayed vertically, you can set it to Portrait to change it.
Scaling - Sets the size of the screen.
Normally, if you set it to "Auto", it is displayed in the maximum size while maintaining the aspect ratio.
No Scaling outputs the original screen size.
Full Screen outputs to fill the screen. Execution speed is slowed and the screen ratio is broken.
Fx - Special effects, no major effects. No Fx recommended
Show FPS - Displays the number of frames per second in the lower left corner of the screen. More than 30 frames is a comfortable state.

3-2. Sound Option Description
Enable Sound - Turns the sound on and off.
Bits - Select the 8/16 Bit sound quality.
Freq - Choose from 11025, 22050, or 44100Hz. The lower the frequency, the faster the speed.
Stereo - Select whether to use stereo

3-3. Input Option Description
Analog - Disable recommended. Other options are not supported and not recommended.
AutoFire - Disable recommended. Other options are not supported and not recommended.
Redefine controls - Up, Down, Left, Right, Buttons 1~4, Coin, Start, End button can be reset.
After clicking the button you want to adjust, when 'Press a key for xxx' appears, press the desired keyboard or button.
Press to change the setting of the corresponding button.
Do not use the Enter key as it is set to end the program.
Onscreen Button - Click on the screen with a stylus to make it look like a button is pressed.

3-4. Load Defect Configuration
Reload the default settings. Changed settings will be lost.

3-5. Apply Changes, As Default Configuration
Saves the current settings as default settings.

3-6. Apply Changes, For the game selected
Saves the current settings as the settings for the game currently selected.
The saved settings are also automatically used on the next run.

4. List of games tested
Please note only. The standard is MAME version 0.36.
(Screenshot: http://blog.naver.com/copjoker/120040563623
Driving video: http://blog.naver.com/copjoker/120040542640 )
Bank Panic
Black Tiger
Block Out (3D Tetris)
Bubble Bobble 1
Capcom Bowling
champion baseball
Crazy Kong
Exed Exes
Ninja Gaiden
Ghosts and Goblins (Devil Village)
Gun Smoke
Load Runner
Mario Bros.
Mr. Do
Night Driver
Pinball Action
Pocket Gal
Red Alert
Speed ??Ball (Pinball)
Zero Wing

5. Others
Please send bug reports to the email address below.
Sound quality is not good.
Please understand that we cannot provide supplementary explanations for the explanations already in this document.
In addition, we will refrain from inquiries about game roms.

Release date 2007.07.27

[Source] PocketCultMAME 0.4a + USB GamePad Driver Distribution| Author Stone of Life



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2607
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 24 September 2022


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