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EuroCalculator 1.2

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EuroCalculator offers the convenience of two-way currency calculations with the ease of a number pad.
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With the creation of European Union - the currency calculations for globe-trotters were made easy (So they thought!!!). EuroCalculator offers the convenience of two-way currency calculations with the ease of a number pad. At a time, the currencies of any five out of eleven member nations are listed for convenience and can be compared against each other and their Euro value accurately.

Euro Calculator provides a calculation cum conversion interface between the common currency Euro and all the other European currencies participating in the common currency changeover. Euro Calculator facilitates a two-way conversion between Euro and currencies of all the Eleven countries and a Custom Currency. A setup utility (Euro Calculator for Windows CE) helps the selection of any five currencies’ at a time for conversion against the Euro. The application has been developed keeping in mind the directives for the conversion between Euro and other eleven currencies.

The application also integrates the standard features of a simple calculator.

Additional calculator features:

All the standard memory features of a calculator viz. memory store, memory recall, memory addition and memory clear are provided.
All the memory features work individually for each currency type selected.
The "RoundOff" feature that can be chosen through the Setup displays the currencies rounded off to two decimal places. BEF, ESP, ITL, LUF and PTE do not display any decimals after conversions conforming to the requirements of the Euro conversion rules.

Installation Instructions

Windows CE/SH3 - Handheld - eurocalc1110.exe
Windows CE/SH3 - Handheld Pro - eurocalc1310.exe
Windows CE/SH4 - Handheld Pro - eurocalc1330.exe
Windows CE/Mips - Handheld - eurocalc1120.exe
Windows CE/Mips - Handheld Pro - eurocalc1320.exe
Windows CE/ARM Handheld-Pro - eurocalc1340.exe

Program Cost

£30.00 GBP ($39.90 USD, €35.40 EUD, ¥4,521.90 JPY, est.)



License Trialware
It's a demo only and in order to continue to use it after a period of time you will have to pay for it.
Website http://www.palmix.itil.com/
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Popularity 1054
Total Downloads  40
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 06 January 2013


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