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pStar 1.971

Constellation Planetarium Program
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Constellation Program for Pocket Post Pet

Installation Instructions

Multimedia Card (always required during operation, not stored in main memory)

1. Download the data file from the pStar download page.

2. Download the following program files.

3. Create the following folders on the MultiMedia Card.

\MultiMedia Card\My Documents\pStar

"This is the case with Popope."

When viewed from a PC

\My Documents\pStar

is. (Sorry for any mistakes!)

4. Put data and programs in this folder. Please unzip the data.

5. Delete or change the following file names in the data file. (Don't forget!)

pStarM-1.dat ===> delete
pStarM-1H.dat ====> pStar.dat 8/24 update (Old state can still work)

pStarM-1.dat ===>pStar.dat
pStarM-1H.dat ====> Delete

The data size is about 5 times larger, but the number of stars that can be displayed is also 5 times larger.
However, it is a faint star (darker than a 4.5th magnitude star) In normal use, "Settings" - "Options"
Please use it as a 4th class star. It takes more than 10 seconds to display everything.
The zoom will be slow, so please be careful. (Zoom display settings
You can change it and make it faster, but if it is more convenient to lower the zoom magnification
think. Please display the enlarged navigation when zooming. used for free
If you have any questions about how to use it, please ask in the guestbook each time. as much as possible
answer. HELP file for those who remit the shareware fee
I will send you the decompression key. )

It's beautiful when all the stars are displayed, but you can't see it in the actual night sky.
Please think that it is for zoom (telescope).

We have received feedback that displaying all stars (6th magnitude stars) is slow even on the iPaq.

If you don't care about the number of stars, rename the above pStarM-1H.dat to pStar.dat
Please use it. There is no problem (data up to 4.5 magnitude stars)



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2166
Total Downloads  3
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 01 October 2022


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