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PDIC 1.25

by TAN
Personal Dictionary for Windows CE (PDIC for CE) is an English-Japanese dictionary search software that runs on WindowsCE.
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PDIC for Windows CE

Personal Dictionary for Windows CE (PDIC for CE) is an English-Japanese dictionary search software that runs on WindowsCE.

Development/support suspended (200x.x.x) ? Because he no longer uses it.
There seems to be PDIC compatible software that works on WindowsCE/WindowsMobile. If you are not satisfied with the software here, please look for it.

pDice - Supports WindowsMobile, and seems to support PDIC/Unicode Ver.5.0 or later dictionary formats.
EBPocket professional - The professional edition seems to support PDIC/Unicode dictionary format.

¦ Download ¦

PDICPKTARM125.LZH PDIC for PocketPC ARM Ver.1.25 (142,106 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated
PDICPKTMIPS125.LZH PDIC for PocketPC MIPS Ver.1.25 (158,456 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated
PDICPKTSH3125.LZH PDIC for PocketPC SH3 Ver.1.25 (166,652 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated

PDICE55125.LZH PDIC for Palm-size PC MIPS Ver.1.25 (158,760 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated
PDICHPCMIPS125.LZH PDIC for H/PC MIPS Ver.1.25 (158,263 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated
PDICHPCSH3125.LZH PDIC for H/PC SH-3 Ver.1.25 (165,512 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated
PDICHPCSH4125.LZH PDIC for H/PC SH-4 Ver.1.25 (165,358 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated
PDICHPCARM125.LZH PDIC for H/PC StrongARM Ver.1.25 (151,994 bytes) 2002.5.27 updated

PDICSIG3126a.LZH PDIC for SigmarionIII 2004.4.25 Test version (does not work)
PDCEHELP.LZH PDIC for CE HTML help (compressed version)

*The dictionary format of PDIC/Unicode Ver.5.0 or later cannot be used as is. You have to do dictionary conversion. There is currently no function to convert PDIC/Unicode Ver.5.x dictionaries directly into dictionary format compatible with PDIC for CE. Work such as converting to PDIC single-line text format is required. (Operation unconfirmed) The author himself does not provide support, so please share information in a conference room or the like.

* Operation has not been confirmed for devices other than PocketPC ARM and Palm-size PC MIPS. I can't answer even if I ask the author about the propriety of the operation.
*Since we are prioritizing the development of the PocketPC version, the latest version number for each model may differ.

Instructions for use - same as in PDCEHELP.LZH

PDIC for CE update history
Terms of use, etc.

PDIC for CE is free software.
You are free to reprint, redistribute, introduce and link to this website. However, please contact us in advance for commercial use.
For inquiries and bug reports about PDIC for CE, please contact the PDIC & DokoPop! conference room or the author.

Notes specific to Windows CE version

Only Win32 version (Hyper dictionary format) dictionaries can be used. (DOS version dictionaries and PDIC/Unicode Ver.5 or later dictionaries cannot be used.)
Compressed data (part of examples) cannot be displayed.
OLE data, file links, and audio data cannot be handled

current glitch

It seems that there is dictionary destruction in dictionary registration (not reproduced here)
I don't know if I'm searching by word search (improvement plan)
Memory release does not work when memory is insufficient (cause unknown)
It seems that iPAQ does not display the full translation of the pop-up window (unconfirmed)


Which PDIC Should I Use?
?Sometimes people ask very basic questions. His link collection on Windows CE FAN has a place called "for beginners", so please study there first.
Does it work with XXXX (model name)?
?The machines we own are only E2000 and E55. I don't know how it works otherwise.
I want it to work with XXXX (model name)
?As mentioned above, we cannot support models that you do not own or models that do not have a development environment.
XXXX (model name) does not work. Why?
? As mentioned above. Ask someone in the know.
Any plans to support compression?
?It is not used because there are few examples to be compressed, and if the data size is small, the compression efficiency is not good.
I want the dictionary to be stored in a place other than My Documents
? If the reason is file synchronization, you can specify only dictionaries to be excluded from Active Sync.
i want the old version
? It is not saved here. If you want to go back to the old version, please manage it yourself.


Go to the PDIC & DokoPop Conference Room - If you have any problems or questions, please click here. (Basically, we do not accept applications by e-mail.)

PDIC Suggestion Box - Requests are also accepted here
For users of the English version of CE
This UNITBL32.DLL is required. Without this, Japanese will be garbled.
CE Tips

Let's use LAN connection with PocketPC Part 3 ActiveSync via network

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License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://pdic.la.coocan.jp/index.html
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Popularity 2828
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 03 October 2022


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