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Interpret your future and predict the outcome of any endeavor you are about to undertake
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If you want to check out the probabilities in your favour for some very special events in your life for example :

Would I succeed in my new Business?
Would my personal-life-plans materialize?
Would this investment turn out to be profitable in the Share market?

Try FutureInPocket. FutureInPocket gives you the opportunity to find out about the possible outcomes/chance-happening for a given question or a situation. FutureInPocket is an extract from Ramcharitmanas and is a means of knowing the possible outcomes of a task or a venture to be undertaken.

FutureInPocket is an extract from Shri Ramacharitmanas, authored by the epic poet, Goswami Tulsidas. Shri Ramacharitmanas is his vision of the life and times of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is used to predict the outcome of any endeavor you are about to undertake.

Who can use FutureInPocket?
FutureInPocket is an intuitive and user friendly application for all those who want to know the probability of happening of a particular event.

How to use FutureInPocket?
The user has to think of a question and randomly select (with closed eyes) a cell from the grid using the stylus. The grids selected will interpret the future of the user. A quadrangular grid of 15 * 15 is formed containing 225 cells. Each cell contains a letter/word in it. With closed eyes the user has to think of his question in his mind and randomly select a cell from the grid. Then the letter/word at distance of multiples of 9 cells will be selected. These resulting letters/words form a 'chopie' (a couplet) that contains the answer of his/her question.

How does the FutureInPocket work?

To find the answer to your question, goto the screen displaying the grid. Close your eyes and remembering God while pointing the stylus anywhere on the grid. On doing so, The selected cell and every ninth cell from thereon will be highlighted. All the alphabets/words in the highlighted cells will be words clubbed to form a 'chopie' (that is a couplet). In the next screen, the couplet will be displayed with an English translation. Finally, the 'chopie' will be displayed in Hindi and the meaning of that 'chopie' finally predicting the future of the concerned.

Number of attempts?
The user can make any number of attempts in this future prediction tool. The result of the number chosen may or may not be the same.

Would it run on any H/PC?
The hardware platform in FutureInPocket is HP200 SS3 and the operating system requirement is Windows CE.

What is the interface provided to the user?
The user interface provided consists of an initial screen displaying the method of using FutureInPocket. This screen will be replaced by another screen which consists of a grid format of 15*15 containing 225 cells and each cell will contain a letter or a word. The user has to select a cell randomly and depending upon the cell chosen, the third screen will be displayed showing the 'chopie' in Hindi and the meaning of that 'chopie'.

How good is FutureInPocket?
FutureInPocket is basically a prediction tool and the probability of the result displayed depends upon the faith of the user in god and his convictions.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.palmix.itil.com/
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Popularity 1251
Total Downloads  29
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 06 January 2013


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