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Garmap CE 1.16

Garmap CE connects your Windows CE machine with your GARMIN GPS and provides GPS data management.
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Garmap CE Ver 1.16 2001/07/05
Copyright(C) 1998-2001 Fukuro

[Software introduction]
Garmap CE connects your Windows CE machine with your GARMIN GPS and provides GPS data management.
It is software that performs management and PC (?) navigation. map used for navigation
is bitmap data with known latitude and longitude ranges. of resources
Bitmaps split into multiple files for fewer CE machines
You can treat the file as one map.

?Current position display
Display your current position on the map in real time. Appropriate if there is no map
You can display the trajectory by scaling it.
? Record coordinates
Coordinates can be recorded on the CE machine side. Memo of Track Log on GPS
"I think it's effective for those who think they don't have enough Lee."
? Track/Waypoint/Route download
The downloaded data is in the same format as the Windows95/NT version of GARMAP.
"You can file."
?Creating and uploading Waypoints
Upload the downloaded Waypoint or create a new one
"You can upload it."
?Route creation and upload
Route data can be created. create or download
"Route can be uploaded."
- Read and create POT format files
?Correspondence to geodetic system
It supports 124 regions.

This program is freeware. Copyright is owned by the author.
The current program is open for testing, so please refrain from reprinting it.
The latest version is
You can also download from

1. MFCWCE.DLL is required separately to run this program.
2. This program does not include map data. map data is
Please prepare by yourself.
3. This program is not intended for car navigation.
Hmm. Do not use while driving.
4. For any problems caused by using this program
However, the author is not responsible for that.

[known bugs]
1. If the pen thickness is set to 2 or more and the trajectory is displayed with a map, there should be no
A trajectory may be drawn. If the pen is 2 or more, it will be drawn
Because it takes a lot of time, I try not to draw outside the display range
However, there are inconveniences associated with that.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2522
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 13 October 2022


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