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YyyBin 0.11

Hexadecimal editor. Some part are not translated in english, but it is easy to use. Download also the YyyLib.dll which is a class library.
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When I was sorting out old sources, I found something nostalgic.
It was made to modify game programs and data in the PC98 era.
It was a prototype of a binary editor. …Please don't ask me what the purpose is (´?`;
What was your passion at that time? (Ooooo)
It's gone. However, in this day and age, there are so many binary editors out there.
It's too late... I thought, but in the WindowsCE market, it's almost non-existent, so I'll try making it for CE.
I made it (To say that there is no demand... (T-T)
By the way, most prototype processing is not inherited (^^;

It's not fun to just make it, so I created it as a window class. one of these days
It would be great if we could publish the specs and provide the library.

At this stage, only ASCII code display is supported, and UniCode/SJIS display will be supported later.
want to go.

[Operation check PC]
==Pocket PC==

[Operation check OS]
Pocket PC2002 (Windows CE 3.0)
H/PC2000 (Windows CE 3.0)

[Encouragement environment or minimum requirements]
200MHz or higher CPU
1MB or more free memory

?file organization?
Unzipping the archive will generate the following files:

YyyBin.exe program body
YyyBin.ini definition file (changeable)
readme.txt this file

Do not edit the configuration file (xxx.ini) except for changing the key value.
(For example, repositioning, adding line spacing, etc...)

[Other necessary files]
YyyLib.Dll Self-made common class library
In order to cope with irregular version upgrades,
prepared separately.

?Method of operation?
Intuitively (^^;

I don't think it will be used, but since the file can be opened from the command line (1 file)
can be associated.

The search function can be performed by selecting Bin and Char.
The search range is from the cursor position to the end.

Char: A string of characters such as a word.
Example) "PocketPC"

Bin: Comma-separated number sequence. Hexadecimal numbers are prefixed with "0x" and octal numbers are prefixed with "0".
Example) If you want to search for "FF FE FD"
Search by octal: "01125,01124,01123"
Search by decimal: "255,254,253"
Search from hexadecimal: "0xff,0xfe,0xfd"
Composite: "0xff,254,01123"

Look at YyyBin.ini. I think you can intuitively understand the setting items.
By changing the settings, you can change the font size/color scheme/arrangement to your liking.
I'd appreciate it if you could file a bug report. . .

After extracting the archive file, put all the files in the same folder.
It is OK to run the program as it is.
I hate the registry so I don't use it. Therefore, uninstalling
Just delete this program and attached files.

[Copyright, disclaimer]
YyyBin's work is owned by the author, YYY.

Any trouble or damage caused by using this program (including YyyBin itself
The author is not responsible for any errors (whether due to bugs).
Please use at your own risk.

Even if the author (YYY) finds a bug in YyyBin (it's already full of bugs at the moment),
We shall not be obligated to correct or upgrade the version.

[Reprinted and attached to the book]
Regarding reprinting and redistribution on other nets, you are free to do so as long as you comply with the following conditions.
It's fine. If you wish to reprint, please contact us in advance.
Please. In addition, the reprinter is responsible for processing such as version upgrades at the reprint destination.
please go

·Do not change the contents of the archive
·Do not sell for commercial purposes
·Do not change the copyright notice

If you wish to introduce or record in a magazine or book, be sure to contact us in advance and obtain permission.
Please help me.

?contact address?
If you have any comments, requests, bug reports, etc., please contact us below.


The homepage is open to the public at the following address. Please use this as well.


?Change log?
·a2 version [2002/09/01]
-Fix bug that does not start on H/PC
I'm sorry. I didn't test the actual machine, so I didn't know (T-T;
(Thanks to Mr.sl for the report.)

·a version [2002/06/21]
-First public release
It's an alpha version that I managed to release, so I'm sorry... (´?`;
There is a lot of waste in processing, and drawing is slow. Other embarrassing bugs. To be improved.

Installation Instructions

Hexadecimal editor. Some part are not translated in english, but it is easy to use. Download also the YyyLib.dll which is a class library.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~yyy/freesoft/index.html
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 02 September 2002
Popularity 1992
Total Downloads  5
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 18 October 2022


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