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ohmslaw 1.0

Solve calculations involving Ohms Law. Shareware, however there is no limitations and the author is not reachable. Once downloaded, copy also the DLL included.
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Ohms Law Calculator

Enter any two known values and press "Calculate" to solve for the others. For example, a 100 watt light bulb operating on 120 volts AC will have 144 ohms of resistance and will draw 0.833 Amps. Enter 100 in the Watts field and 120 in the Voltage field and press Calculate to find the resistance and current.

This program is freeware. If you like it and want MORE software please send me a donation. You can send me anything that you like. Send me some email asking for the address that you can send donations to. Below is what you will get IF you send me a donation.

Installation Instructions

To install this program Drag the mfcce300d.dll to your windows directory. The program itself can then be copied to any directory that you choose. Running the program should then be easy.



License Donorware
It's free, but the author actively seeks donations.
Popularity 3195
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 18 October 2022


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