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SQTask 1.02.1

Plugin that manage and display task for SQ application.
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SQ Task Plugin

This is my SQ Task Plugin. It was originally modified using the source obtained from the Japanese site.
Changed the appearance of the screen in the basic function and changed the basic screen configuration itself a bit. So most of the algorithms and code have been rewritten, only borrowing the basic functions from the previous ones. So if you encounter most bugs, just let me know.

See the original site for the basic features of SQ.
option setting.
If you click the settings icon on the main screen, a screen where you can change the settings appears. The added function is that the UI that allows you to see the color when changing the color is adopted, and the area where the Task and Appointment are visible can be designated separately. In addition, since you can set the period to be displayed, it allows you to view schedules for one week or two weeks at once. You can set it up according to your personal preference and use it.
Instructions for use.
Of the two icons on the lower left, the one on the right is redraw. You can do this by tapping once when the information about appointments or tasks to be done is not updated properly. By tapping on a task or appointment, you can edit the information. You can delete a task or appointment by tapping while holding down the [CTRL] key. To create a new task or appointment, simply click the slanted icon in the lower right corner of the task pane or appointment pane.
SQ Tips!

Installation Instructions

Plugin that manage and display task for SQ application in SCL.

SQ is not distributed in the form of a pretty package. Only a simple executable file called sq.exe is distributed, so it seems that there are not many people who use it because the usage is not provided in detail. Of course, there are people who do research like this and that.

Using Application Desktop in SQ
Among the directories that SQ automatically creates, there is a directory named "1" that starts with a number. If you create a Shortcut in this directory, the program list is displayed in SQ Desk. So far, most people find it easy. Create directories like "2" and "3" under the SQ directory. Then create a shortcut in the directory in the same way. Of course, it would be nice to combine them by type you like, right?

Then press [Numeric Keys]. Note that if you are using DioPen, etc., you must turn off Hangul for proper processing. ^^ In that way, "1" can be used as a general program, "2" as PIMS.. "3" as a picture.. etc. ^^
Various backgrounds in SQ.
You can use a background for SQ. You can install a background picture by making the background "back" or a specified directory in the directory where SQ is located, and then changing the background picture directory setting in the settings. Usually, this is the default. If you press [TAB] in that state, the background changes continuously. ^^
Installing Plugin in SQ
The extension of the plug-in that can be installed in SQ is sqp, which is actually a DLL file. This file is automatically loaded if you put it in the same directory as SQ. There are quite a few people asking how to install it, so you just need to copy it to the directory where SQ is located.



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://wince.alticast.com/~amateras
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 1919
Total Downloads  6
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 19 October 2022


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