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JFC (Japanese Flash Card) 1.30

JFC is a basic Japanese flash card program designed to aid students learning Japanese. Much of JFC is designed to basically mimic what one would normally do with paper flash cards, except on a computer.
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What is JFC and what can it do for me?
Please read this to get an idea of what is going on!

JFC is a basic Japanese flash card program designed to aid students learning Japanese. Much of JFC is designed to basically mimic what one would normally do with paper flash cards, except on a computer. There are a number of potential advantages to using a computer flash card program over a normal paper system:

One does not need a big stack of paper cards to keep track of. The disadvantage is that one needs to have access to a computer, but since JFC runs on Windows CE systems this is not a significant limitation.
JFC is integration with JWPce, allowing sharing of files and resources.
Because JFC is integrated with JFC it can use your color-kanji list from JWPce to determine what kanji you know and adjust the flash cards automatically for known kianji.
JFC can also use dictionary files to automatically supply kanji reading, kanji meanings and definitions of words.
The computer flash card system can keep track of cards that you frequently miss and adjust the flash card list automatically to emphasize words/kanji that are often missed.

Why this Program got Written

I used flash cards heavily when I began learning Japanese. These provided a simple way to keep track of vocabulary, kanji, and grammar points to be learned, could be taken anywhere, and allowed for easy randomization (lists don't work well for me, since I tend to simply memorize the order of things in the list).

One problem with flash cards is that one tends to accumulate a large number of them, and although the actual making of the card is a good exercise for the student, storing them can be a problem. Additionally, they weight a lot, so they can be a problem to carry around. Further, if you review your old flash cards, one often finds that they need to be updated to match your current knowledge.

Out of curiosity I looked at some Japanese flash card software for computers, and found that there were a number of programs, but all of the programs were somewhat limited. Few or none of the programs support Windows CE (flash cards are really useful when standing in line at the DMV, and carrying a full Windows machine can be somewhat limiting). Further, none of the programs supported a particular philosophy for learning kanji that I have.

Having already written JWPce, and somewhat on a whim, I decided to see what I could come up with for a Japanese flash card program. The result is JFC.

Installation Instructions

Windows CE JFC Actual Windows CE versions of JFC. Due to the difference between Windows CE hardware, the Windows CE versions of JFC are distributed in two archives. The first archive contains all files necessary for installation, except the executable file. The second archive contains the actual executable program. The included text file WINCE.TXT contains additional installation instructions and information. If you are updating your version for Windows CE, you need only get the archive specific to your processor. Thus if you are updating from JFC versions earlier than 1.10 you may want to get the new dictionary files (see below), or get reinstall.

jfcbas.zip Windows CE Base file Contains the common Windows CE files (340 kB).
jfcman.zip Manual (410 kB)
jfccehlp.zip Help (60 kB)
jfchcarm.zip HPC (handheld) -- ARM/StrongARM Processor Executable (250 kB).
jfchcmip.zip HPC (handheld) -- MIPS Processor Executable (260 kB).
jfchcsh3.zip HPC (handheld) -- SH3 Processor Executable (260 kB).
jfchomip.zip HPC (handheld / old) -- MIPS Processor Executable for older devices (260 kB).
jfchosh3.zip HPC (handheld / old) -- SH3 Processor Executable for older devices (260 kB).
jfcpparm.zip PocketPC (palm) -- ARM/StrongARM Processor Executable (250 kB).
jfcppmip.zip PocketPC (palm) -- MIPS Processor Executable (260 kB).
jfcppsh3.zip PocketPC (palm) -- SH3 Processor Executable (260 kB).
jfcpcmip.zip PPC (palm) -- MIPS Processor Executable (250 kB).
jfcpcsh3.zip PPC (palm) -- SH3 Processor Executable (250 kB).
jfcpomip.zip PPC (palm / old) -- MIPS Processor Executable for older devices (250 kB).
jfcposh3.zip PPC (palm / old) -- SH3 Processor Executable for older devices (250 kB).

EXTRA: Flash Card Sets Here are some flash card sets that I have developed. These reflect vocabulary that I learned some time ago and match textbooks used at UCLA at the time. These flash card sets include vocabulary, kanji, counter, and grammar points. A note of caution, each flash card file contains a number kanji that I was learning at the time. These may not match the kanji you are learning so you may want to change the kanji.

jfc-01.zip Introduction to Modern Japanese, chapters 1-30 (all), UCLA Japanese 1-3 (70k)
jfc-02.zip No book, based on notes (all), UCLA Japanese 4 (12k)
jfc-03.zip Intoduction to Intermediate Japanese", chapters 1-15 (all), Not used at UCLA (45k)

EXTRA: Extra Stuff Some extra stuff to go with JFC.

jwpceski.zip Smallest KANJINFO.DAT file. Only basic information, size of 306k. (240 kB).
jwpcemki.zip Smaller KANJINFO.DAT file. Only some of extended information, size of 476k. (400 kB).
jwpcenki.zip Normal KANJINFO.DAT file. All information, size of 549k. (440 KB).

TrueType font information.

EXTRA: Dictionaries Here is the main dictionary which can be used with JFC (all dictionaries were obtained from The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive, many many thanks to Jim Breen):

edict.zip EDICT Main general dictionary (Most recent version from Monash).


Quizflash cardjapanese

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 1786
Total Downloads  10
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 19 October 2022


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