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Dive Proxy CE 1.05 Alpha

Tool to buffer data from all kinds of Uwatec Aladin dive computers, primarily to extend the limited space for dive profiles. The interface is in German, but a DLL exists for English interface, ask the author.
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Screenshot of Main window
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Screenshot of Demonstration of File Transfer between a handheld and a dive computer
Screenshot of List or Diving Log Entries
Screenshot of Dive Profile
Screenshot of Main window


Have you ever thought of saving about USD 200,-- for a Uwatec® MemoMouse™ and paying about USD 900,-- for a PDA instead?

If so, here's a good excuse. I wrote DiveProxy CE as a tool to buffer data from all kinds of Uwatec® Aladin dive computers, primarily to extend the limited space for dive profiles. As the name states, it is written for PDAs running Windows™ CE 3.0, PocketPC. Versions are available for MIPS, ARM (XScale, PXA2xx) and SH3 CPUs. It is tested on Casio Cassiopeia E-115 and E-125, and reported to run on several types of iPaq and hp Journada. If you have access to other PocketPCs, please let me know if it works!

The first stage featured receiving data from the Aladin and transferring it to a PC based program later on. Next came the urge to have a look at the dive profiles while out for some time too. Together with the need to correct the slack of the internal clock and to add time zone support the program now is more or less complete. If you can't share my opinion on this, please let me know about your ideas. If I find them useful and within my capabilities I may implement them.

To protect my PDA when I carry it under humid conditions (on board of a live aboard boat e.g.) I bought a waterproof bag (see image further down). I haven't tried it yet but what about a game of Solitaire when you have nothing else to do for 6 minutes at 3 meters?
What DiveProxy CE is

DiveProxy CE is mainly a data proxy. It is designed to look like a PC running DataTrak DOS to an Aladin and like an Aladin towards a PC. Some of my friends own an Aladin too. DiveProxy CE is designed to cope with more than one Aladin, even within a file. Data packets are distinguished by the internal serial number. DiveProxy CE is an expensive replacement for a MemoMouse with added data view.

storing groups of data packets transferred from Aladin computers.
sending stored data packets to a PC (Aladin emulation).
displaying the internal serial number or an alias name to identify the Aladin data packet.
compensation for the internal time zone of the Aladin (for display only).
displaying the true dive number (you may specify the offset between your true number of dives and the Aladin number of dives).
viewing logbook data (dive number, time, date, max. depth, duration, surface interval, water temperature, warnings, ...)
viewing a dive profile for dives with profile data (about 70 minutes across the screen, 100 for Handheld PC).
German dialogs and messages.
installable English dialogs and messages.
transmitting a compensated date/time to the PC (true time rather than Aladin time zone time).
automatic correction of the time stamps received from the internal Aladin clock (PDA local time).
The receiver module is available as an ActiveX control (PC and Win CE) with Visual Basic sample code.

Features to come (?):

During my last holidays I was wondering if I should continue DiveProxyCE at all. To be honest, it looks old-fashioned and dull, compared to TravelTrakCE. I'm currently developing an import function to merge Aladin log and profile info into TravelTrakCE. This would mean the end of DiveProxyCE but then, there would be a real log for Aladin computers too.

support for the new Smart™ series of Uwatec® dive computers (see the TravelTrakCE page for details).

What DiveProxy CE is not

DiveProxy CE is no dive log.
You can't modify the data packets.
You can't add any information to the log entries.
It's nearly as stubborn as a real Aladin.
It doesn't beep that often though.

If you're looking for an electronic dive log, there are two possible solutions:

1) You may use SmartTrak provided by Uwatec and my latest creation, TravelTrakCE. Although the profile display looks better than in DiveProxyCE and additional log info may be added, there are a few shortcomings. There is no possibility, to read Aladin data straight into SmartTrak, not even with a MemoMouse. The only way is to read the Aladin through TravelTrakCE and import it on the PC.

2) For a full featured operation on both a PC and a PDA I recommend WLog by Thomas Temesvari for the PC side. WLog can't import TravelTrakCE data files though. You may use any other communication software able to read an Aladin but I haven't tested others (DataTrak DOS doesn't run on my PC, it's far too fast).

If you want a dive log for Windows CE (especially for older Win CE versions or Handheld PC devices) that interfaces with other shareware or freeware solutions on a PC, try pDiveLog by Chris Jackson. It was designed to run under Windows™ CE 2.x and has been modified to run under version 3.0 too, recently. There's a similar piece of software for the Palm series of PDAs called pAladin. It offers Aladin and MemoMouse emulation towards a PC. As I've heard, now even through IrDA.
Smart Pro, Smart Com and Smart Tec support: TravelTrakCE – version 1.06 released!your suggestions
The Aladin interface

Although the original Uwatec® interface works with my PC it doesn't with the serial cradle of my PDA (a Casio Cassiopeia E-125). Research has shown that it works with the Casio serial cable. The DIY model described at Matthias'es DIY interface works fine with all devices I've tested so far. It seems to draw less power from the PDA's interface chips.
A word on cable connections

Most PDAs come with a (serial) cradle. It is designed to plug into the serial port of a PC. Therefore it features an internal "null modem", meaning that the data and control lines are crossed. This way the receive line from the PC will meet the transmit line from the PDA and so on. Even When you buy a serial cable for a PDA it most probably is a "sync cable" meant to replace the cradle when you're out and about. These cables feature the same female (usually 9 pin-) socket and pin layout as the docking stations.

The DIY interfaces as well as the original Uwatec interface are designed to plug into a PC as well. That's where all the troubles start. If you want to connect them to a PDA you have three choices.

Build the interface to match the PDA pin layout. This means to use a male SUB-D 9 pin plug and swap the connection of RxD – TxD, DTR – DSR and CTS – RTS respectively. If the PDA connects well with a PC the pin layout most probably is: TxD (2), RxD (3), RTS (4), DTR (7) and GND (5).
Use a null modem cable or converter between the interface and the PDA. This is the easy way, especially if you didn't build the interface on your own and if you don't mind the extra item to carry around. Warning: a simple gender changer doesn't do the trick. A null modem has at least the following connections (SUB-D9 pin numbers): 2–3, 3–2, 4–6, 6–4, 7–8, 8–7 and 5–5.
Build a double-headed interface as shown in Rein van Koten's homepage. It is very useful if you want to transfer data to both the PDA and the PC without any further plugs and cables.

Many thanks to the original author for supplying HPC:Factor with the original H/PC binaries (2022-10-19)

Installation Instructions

The application was spawned from the 1.05. I tested the transmission with a hp690 Handheld PC. Profile and log data display seems mostly ok. There's a date bug with time zones (GMT + x only) in the MFC library for CE 2.11, go west! The only other work around is to compile it for Win CE 3.0. I haven't heard bad things – either because nearly nobody is using this version – or it works quite well.

The HandheldPC version isn't as complete as The PocketPC version Dialogs and Labels are in German only. I won't be working on it any further. There's so much else to do, ...



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 20 October 2022


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