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War Bots

In this game, you pick one out of 6 bots to use as your bot. Each of the 6 bots are individual (in what they look like, engine, weapon, and armor). PocketC runtime is necessary.
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Main Window
Screenshot of Controls
Screenshot of Backstory
Screenshot of Level 5
Screenshot of Name Your Bot
Screenshot of Level 4
Screenshot of Pick your bot color
Screenshot of Pick your bot
Screenshot of Level 3
Screenshot of Level 2
Screenshot of About
Screenshot of Level 1
Screenshot of Main Window



War Bots is basically a robot battle simulation game. It runs with the Orbworks Pocket C Runtime program.
This gives it the ability to run on any handheld PC that has Pocket C Runtime installed (which means that you need to download Pocket C Runtime if you want to play it).

War Bots was created due to the lack of games for Handheld PC's running on Windows CE 1.0 and 2.0. In this game, you pick one out of 6 bots to use as your bot. Each of the 6 bots are individual (in what they look like, engine, weapon, and armor). Then you paint it the color you want, name it and its driver, and head off to the stadiums. There are 5 different stadiums (Space Wars, Desert Destruction, Aquatic Annihilation, Moon Madness, and Forest Frenzy) and each one has a different opponent for you to face. In order to advance to the next stadium, you must destroy the other bot.


To enter a cheat code: Press the C key. A message box should appear for you to enter a code into.

To add extra shields to your bot enter the code: i'm a whimp
To jump to level 1 enter the code: space wars
To jump to level 2 enter the code: desert destruction
To jump to level 3 enter the code: aquatic annihilation
To jump to level 4 enter the code: moon madness
To jump to level 5 enter the code: forest frenzy

Installation Instructions

Installation for this game is simple: First you have to download Orbworks Pocket C Runtime and instal it on your handheld PC. Then simply decide if you want sound or not... If you don't want sound just click on the 'No-Sound: War Bots' link, copy it to your handheld PC and play. If you want sound click on the 'With-Sound: War Bots' link. Unzip the file, and rename the folder 'War Bots'. Then copy the folder onto your STORAGE CARD, if you have done it correctly, and have Pocket C Runtime installed on your computer, just click on the app and play!

No-Sound: War Bots(116kb)

With-Sound: War Bots (121kb)

Please let HPC:Factor staff know if the Warbots.zip is located, that was the version with sound. Only the no-sound version is in the SCL.
*Warning, do not attempt to download files from the original author page that's live, the download file links have been taken over and now prompt to install browser add-ons instead (as it's a separate server)*



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2138
Total Downloads  4
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 21 October 2022


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