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SpreadCE 2.05

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Excel alternative for Windows CE Handheld PC's with charting support
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Screenshots & Images

Screenshot of Main program window


Ordering Information
[20180525] The Bye Design payment service provider is no longer in business. Please see the following thread on the ByeDesign support forum for information on how to order.



- 256 columns x 65536 rows x 32768 sheets
- unlimited open files
- supported operations: + - * / ^ % &
- 327 worksheet functions (see below)
- 185 macro functions for custom functions and commands
- array formulas
- undo, cut, copy, paste (all/formulas/values/formats/comments), fill(down/right/up/left/series), clear (all/formats/contents/comments)
- insert/delete cells, rows and columns
- hide/unhide rows and columns
- hide/show row and column headings
- find/replace text
- goto specified cell
- sort selected cells, rows, columns or whole sheet with multiple keys
- freeze panes
- sheet/column/row/cell formatting
- column width
- row height
- number formats (general/fixed/currency/accounting/date/time/percent/fraction/scientific/text/custom)
alignment (horizontal: general/left/center/right/fill/center across selection, vertical: top/center/bottom)
- font (bold, italic, underline, name, size, color)
- borders (top, left, bottom, right, style, color)
- zoom
- background (pattern, color)
- protection (locked, hidden)
- conditional formatting
- charts (column, bar, line, pie, scatter, area, doughnut, radar)
- named ranges
- autofilter
- advanced filter
- controls (label/group box/command button/check box/option button/list box/combobox/scrollbar/spinner)
- drawing objects (line/rectangle/oval/text box)
- data form
- data validation
- cell comments
- merged cells
- read/write Excel 95/97-2003 files
- read/write Pocket Excel 2.0 files
- read/write CSV files
- read/write tab-delimited text files
- goal seek
- 3d references
- references to external files
- hyperlinks
- autoshapes
- full screen mode
- text to columns

The program can read and write Excel 95/97 files directly, but you may instead want to store them in Pocket Excel format on your P/PC.
The Pocket Excel format takes up less space, but it is not recommended as it has fewer functions and formatting options available.

If you want to use the Pocket Excel format, set up the file conversions as follows:
Make sure that you are using ActiveSync 3.0 (available free from Microsoft's web site) to connect your desktop PC to your P/PC.
Select the ActiveSync Tools -> Options menu option,
select the Rules tab,
press the Conversion Settings button,
select the Desktop to Device tab,
select Microsoft Excel Worksheet in the listbox,
press the Edit button,
select Pocket Excel 2.0 in the drop-down list box,
and press the OK button.
Then select the Device to Desktop tab,
select Pocket Excel Workbook in the listbox,
press the Edit button,
select Excel 95 or 97 or 2000 in the drop-down listbox,
and press the OK button.

Now when you drag & drop files from the desktop computer to/from the P/PC they will be converted automatically between the Excel and Pocket Excel formats.
You will need to store the files on the P/PC in the My Documents folder, either in the main memory or on the Compact Flash memory expansion card.

System Requirements

(HPC Pro SH4 is still version 1.20)

Installation Instructions

Using ActiveSync on your desktop PC open an explorer window on your P/PC.
If you don't have ActiveSync it is available (free) from www.microsoft.com .
Copy the spreadce.exe file and paste it into the \Windows\Start Menu directory on your P/PC.
Do not try to run the exe file on your desktop PC, it is not an installation program.

Installing the online help text (you don't have to install it - the program will work without it).
Installing the SCE*.htm help files into the \Windows directory on your device will allow you to call up the help text from the program at any time by pressing the Start button and then selecting the Help menu option.
(On HPC 2000, and possibly on other devices, you may need to add a shortcut to SCEHelp.htm in the \Windows\Help folder)

Program Cost

£20.00 GBP ($24.20 USD, €23.00 EUR, ¥3,613.00 JPY, est.)



License Shareware
It's a demo has reduced functionality or contains nag-screens and in order to continue to use it or its full functionality you will have to pay for it.
Website http://www.byedesign.co.uk/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Released 27 June 2012
Popularity 1748
Total Downloads  11
Submitted By C:Amie
Submitted On 25 December 2022


torch 25 December 2022 at 6:53:53 AM
Located binaries + added to SCL. This version is the last without all languages built-in.
Thus, with lower memory older devices, this version may be optimal, as the file sizes are lower.

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