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Schiefersoft PocketC Tools is a little collection of any useful PocketC developer Tools
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Schiefersoft PocketC Tools is a little collection of any useful PocketC developer Tools

it consist on :

SIP_ON (only on PPC!) switches the Input Keyboard on
SIP_OFF (only PPC!) switches the Input Keyboard off
PCTBI PocketC TaskBarIcon
PCTBI-Setup the Setupdialog for PCTBI (its separated from PCTBI because PCTBI get smaller)
a Help File a Help File you can read this on PCTBI-Setup Dialog

PCTBI is a PocketC TaskBar Icon -Launcher

The PCTBI-Setup Dialog:
Applet File: Input or select the full path of your PocketC Applet File
Title: Input your applet-title (it must be exactly the same like the one you have set with the title("Your App"); function.
Icon: Select the icon of your choice
Close Item:  the PCTBI shows (or does not show) a Close MenuItem
Close Msg: If you close the PCTBI, a message box with this text will be shown (or not)
Apply Test You can test your settings (PCTBI is launching and you can see it in the taskbar)
Apply saves the settings
OK OK (save and exit)

PCTBI consist on the following Files:
the Launcher
the Setupdialog
the Configuration File

You can start PCTBI by launching pctbi.pctbi or by launching pctbi.exe
if you launch pctbi.exe - the default Configurationfile will be using (pctbi.pctbi)
if you rename pctbi.pctbi in another *.pctbi file, you can also launch this file.

You can use more than one PCTBI's if you use different *.pctbi files

Watch.pctbi (shows a watch icon)
Cal.pctbi (shows a Calculator)

Installation Instructions

Requires PocketC runtime



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2206
Total Downloads  2
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 26 November 2022


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