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24Term 2003-06-24

Open Source
80x24 vt100 terminal emulator for WindowsCE
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A vt100 terminal that displays 80x24 lines on a WindowsCE handheld.
Telnet and RS232C connections via TCP/IP are possible.
Moderate features and moderate speed.

·This program is subject to the following BSD license. No warranty.
·It works with Sigmarion3 (XScale) machine.
·Operation has been confirmed with Sigmarion3.

¦ Revision history

1998-8-2 Started production.
2000-2-29 First version. Bundled with JNetHack.
2000-3-31 Supports 4-color black-and-white. Bundled with JNetHack.
2002-1-31 Added support for 60,000 colors, multiple connections, setting dialog, and scroll bar.
Make the source a little easier to see and publish it alone.
2002-3-31 Copy paste, Bold improvement, SSL, RS line, CE3.0 debug.
2002-4-12 BSD connection debug.
2003-6-12 Pocket PC version.
2003-6-24 Sigmarion 3 edition.

¦ Connection method

When you run 24term, a dialog to specify the connection destination etc. appears.
sun.softclub.jp telnet port address, port number specified
:2000p Standby at number 2000
#1:9600:7e RS232C port
Specify like Since WindowsCE has no concept of default domain
Be sure to specify the FQDN, that is, including the domain part.

How to specify the RS232C port
# Port number or device name: Communication speed: 78neo12hsi
is. 7bit/8bit/NoneParity/EvenParity/OddParity/
1StopBit/2StopBits/HardwareFlow/SoftwareFlow/setIR (infrared)
Compatible with The default is 9600:8n1.

¦ Setting dialog

Display the menu by tapping the menu button or short pressing Alt,
Setup... opens the settings dialog.

You can set the text color, background picture, etc. You can use the background
8bit/pixel with 320x240 dots or more and reduced to 128 colors or less
Bitmap files only.
If it is 640x480 dots or less, it will be enlarged twice.

Specify the number of scroll buffer lines before connecting.
The parameters of RS232C are reflected at the time of OK even during connection.

The configuration file can be read and written from the menu in the configuration dialog.
You can also associate configuration files from the menu.
If you overwrite a configuration file that does not specify a connection destination,
The connection destination in the dialog is not written to the setting file.

Installation Instructions

¦ How to install

(1) Copy the program 24term.exe to any directory on CE.
(Put it in \Windows if you want JNetHack to work.)

(2) No need to install fonts.

(3) Manually create a shortcut in the start menu if necessary.
You can pass the connection destination and configuration file name as arguments to the shortcut.
\Windows\24term.exe [connection destination] [configuration file name]

Arguments that do not start with \ are interpreted as connection destinations.
For TCP/IP host names, the domain part is also required.

The configuration file is a text file (SJIS) with the extension .24.
(You can save from the menu in the settings dialog.)
Arguments are absolute paths, i.e. start with a \ symbol.
(WindowsCE has no concept of current directory.)
If the file name contains spaces, enclose it with " ".


Terminal EmulatorUnixOpen Sourceterminal

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://z.apps.atjp.jp/ce/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Popularity 1314
Total Downloads  27
Submitted By Rich Hawley
Submitted On 01 December 2022


torch 05 December 2022 at 5:37:57 AM
Compiled from source the following versions and added. Please test and let us know in the comments or:

24term_030624_arm211-beta.zip ARM Windows CE 2.11 and higher

24term_030624_mips211-beta.zip MIPS Windows CE 2.11 and higher

24term_030624_sh3211-beta.zip SH3 Windows CE 2.11 and higher

24term_030624_x86300-beta.zip X86 Windows CE 3.0 and higher

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