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SqueakVM 3.0 Alpha 6 20030206

Open Source
Squeak is a modern, open source full-featured implementation of the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment.
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Squeak is a modern, open source full-featured implementation of the powerful Smalltalk programming language and environment. Squeak is highly-portable - even its virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk making it easy to debug, analyze, and change. Squeak is the vehicle for a wide range of projects from multimedia applications, educational platforms to commercial web application development.

Installation Instructions

To use Squeak, you need to have two things:

SqueakVM (Virtual Machine) for your operating system. This is the executable that allows Squeak code to run identically on platforms.
Image file. This holds all the objects that you will use and develop; there are many Image files available, and you can install and run many different images with the same VM and Sources files. Image files are platform-independent.

To develop and use all functionality in Squeak you also will need:

Sources file. Sources are used when viewing source code; you can use Squeak without it, but you will not see variable names, version history and comments! The sources file must be in the same directory as the SqueakVM.
Changes file. The changes file holds the amendments caused to the Sources as you create classes, develop new versions of methods and execute code. Most images you use will have a changes file associated with them and are named like the image file. For example, "a.image" would have "a.changes" with it, while "b.image" would have "b.changes" associated with it, and so on. The changes file must be in the same directory as the image file.
VMPlugins. These are mostly built into the SqueakVM but sometimes you will need to download and store plugins in the SqueakVM directory.

If you are new to Squeak you can just download the latest stable release from the download box on the right.

If you are following a tutorial or other reference work, you may need a specific image. You can do so by copying the required image file and changes file into your squeak directory and drag and drop it on the SqueakVM. Double-clicking the Image file to launch work on some MacOS, instructions to make it work on Windows look here

While your download is in progress you might want to have a look at the Installation page which contains links to platform specific installation instructions.


ProgrammingOpen Sourcedevelopmentsqueaksmalltalk

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~ohshima/squeak/wince/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 1810
Total Downloads  10
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 23 December 2022


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