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Simple Date/Time Clock

Simple Date/Time Clock for Pocket Internet Explorer 4 (HTML)
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DateTime.zip - Original Clock:

DateTime.htm file and open it in your Jornada IE4 web browser when you want a Date Time (24 hour mode) Clock that refreshes every 10 seconds. If you change it into a plain txt file by renaming it DateTime.txt then you can play with the various refresh rate, font colors, etc. Go on...Throw your pup a bone...and enjoy

720ScrollClock.zip - Scrolling Time Clock

Original clock, but offers scrolling

Joval_vbclockForJ720.zip - VB Time Clock

Since you've dusted off your J720 and fired it up (although underpowered), how about putting it to use with this vbscript based time/date html file. If you open it with FTX.exe browser and hit <alt x> you will get full screen (to avoid flicker on refresh) and you can change text size for your liking under view option. You can use H-bomb to change refresh rate as you like. It works and is comparable to my soon to be posted MP900 javascript based version(with thanks to you for the improved javascripting)...which doesn't render on the J720.

Installation Instructions

720ScrollClock.zip - Scrolling Time Clock
DateTime.zip - Original Clock
Joval_vbclockForJ720.zip - VB Time Clock



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website https://www.hpcfactor.com/forums/view-profile.asp?action=view&uid=3511
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We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 26 December 2022


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