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Pocket GNU Go 2.6.0

Open Source
Port of GNU Go to Windows CE
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I'm investigating the use of ensembles in Japanese Go. And I'm also trying to become an acceptable Go-Player, so I can at last beat all game-playing programs out there. The best way to learn about Japanese Go is to visit The Interactive Way to Go, where you will learn about the basics in an easy, interactive, step-by-step introduction.

After working through that, to initially spare me defeat against human players ;-), I first trained with a slightly modified version of GNU Go for PocketPC (runs only on PocketPCs but I own a WinCE 2.11 device, so I ported it) , but it is rather weak.

So, using the same user interface, I ported GNU Go 2.6.0 to WinCE. The same source code now compiles for CE 2.11 and 3.0 (PocketPC) - the main difference is top vs bottom command bar - but so far only ARM is a PocketPC version. Please contact me if you want additional versions.

Features are: playing on smaller boards (9x9, 13x13) as well as 19x19, endless Undo up to the very first move, automatic determination of dead strings and scoring with komi, supports changing GNU Go's depth search parameters (Edit>Options) for stronger/slower or weaker/faster playing, plus much stronger play than the earlier version.

It takes at least 3 MB memory (executable/stack/hash one MB each), but the stack is extensively used and could grow up to 4 MB, so it may crash on smaller devices.


GameOpen Source

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://alex.seewald.at
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 19 January 2023


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