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G7ToCE 1.21f

Garmin, Magellan, & Lowrance/Eagle GPS Interface Software for the PC
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G7ToCE is a port of G7ToWin with the Pocket PC, HP/C 2000 or H/PC Pro 2.11 as the target platform. Currently G7ToCE supports most of the same items as G7ToWin with a few exceptions. For instance, USB** only GPS units (e.g. the Garmin SP2610) and Street Atlas files are not supported; most other functions are supported

**USB support requires host mode and appropriate drivers for the WinCE device. Neither is readily available for the WinCE units currently on the market. If both items become available it may be possible to add support for Garmin USB-Only GPS units.

Early versions of the Pocket PC code was tested by the author with the HP Jornada 568 which uses the StrongARM processor. Both the internal serial port (COM1) and a Sockets CF+ Serial I/O card as COM2 have been tested. Early versions of the H/PC 2.11 code was tested on the HP Jornada 680 which uses the SH3 processor using only the internal serial port. G7ToCE has been tested by users on other Pocket PC's utilizing the SH3 and MIPS processors and according to reports it is functional with these units.

Just where did the name G7To (G7ToW, G7ToWin, G7ToCE) come from? When I first started using a Garmin GPS, the GPS-45, several years ago, the only free software that I could find for communicating with the unit was Gardown version 7.

The output format of Gardown7 was fixed and I wanted to be able to transfer data from programs other than Gardown7, so I wrote a filter program that would take data from a Gardown 7 file and translate it to several other program formats. At the time, the ones I supported were Garmin64, PROJ and NAD.

The first G7TO program translated from Gardown7 (G7) 'to' other programs so...G7To. I later added the ability to upload/download data from the Garmin units and the 'filter' aspect was less useful, but so many people were using the software that I was stuck with the name.

When I later ported the software to a Windows Console program I simply added the 'W' for G7ToW. After adding a Graphical User Interface G7ToWin was born. Later on I added support for some Windows CE devices--thus G7ToCE.

The moral of this story is simple: Be careful what name you give to software--the uglier it is, the more likely you are to be stuck with it!



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://gpsinformation.org/ronh/g7towin.htm
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Popularity 2409
Total Downloads  1
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 20 January 2023


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