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NesterJ4u 1.13

by High
Open Source
NES emulator for Windows CE
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Based on nesterCE ported from nester for CE, it incorporates functions such as mapper, extended sound source, and disk system added by nesterJ.
In addition, the accelerated PPU, which is the screen drawing part, is diverted from nesterDC.
In addition to the above, various speed-up tricks by EarL & HIGH are included.

The former NesterJppc and NesterJppp have been merged and renamed to NesterJ4u to match the new site.
Along with that, the MIPS version binaries are designed to work together.
* The ARM version is separate.

Compatible CPU
·ARM (StrongARM, XScale, etc.)

Compatible OS
·PocketPostPet (equivalent to WinCE HPC/2.11)
·WinCE HPC 2.11
·WinCE HPC 2000
·Pocket PC
·Pocket PC 2002

WinCE HPC2.11/HPC2000 uses GDI for screen drawing, and PocketPC uses GAPI for high-speed drawing.
PocketPostPet uses shady methods such as direct access to the framebuffer for high-speed drawing.

Please do not use this software for illegal activities!

VirtualPad and menu button functions have been added since NesterJ4u Ver1.10.
Download your favorite image below and place it in the same directory with the file name "icon.bmp" to enable this feature.

by EarL

Made by NEW

Red moon by Mr. Jinzaburo

Made by Pudding Musume

Simple manual
The screen image is the Japanese version of HPC, but it is almost the same for PPC.

Start full screen When checked, when NesterJ4u is started, it will start in full screen.
In this state, you can press the menu button.
If not checked, the menu bar displayed at the top of the screen will be used.
Suppress display speed (60Hz) If checked, screen drawing is performed at 60 frames per second synchronization.
If not checked, draw without synchronization.
Auto frame skip Screen drawing is automatically skipped when the speed is not enough.
* It can be selected only when "Suppress display speed" is checked.
Frame skip Skips the specified number of frames and draws the screen.
If 0 is specified, frame skipping is not performed.
Thread Priority Specify the NesterJ4u thread priority.
If you select "high" or "real time", O may become unstable, so be careful.
Pseudo-non-interlaced Even lines and odd lines are drawn alternately when drawing the screen, reducing the drawing process by about half.
However, it will be difficult to see if the game has a lot of movement, so be careful.
NSF Player Select screen effect in NFS player mode.
Stars: Stars flow in the background.
Keyboard: The keyboard matches the scale of the built-in sound source.In the case of noise/DPCM, the neon tube glows.
Waveform: Shows the waveform of the sound.

Sound Enable Check to enable sound. However, the processing becomes heavy.
Sampling rate Specifies the playback frequency of the sound.
The higher the value, the better the sound quality, but the processing becomes heavy.
Quantization bit Specifies the quantization bit of the sound.
The higher the value, the better the sound quality, but the processing becomes heavy.
Buffer size Specifies the number of sound buffers.
The higher the number, the less likely the sound will be interrupted, but the timing at which the sound will sound will be delayed.
Filter Specifies the filter for sound playback.
Enabling the filter enhances the bass but slows down the processing.
Volume Specifies the output volume.
Volume on NesterJ4u only, not related to sound device volume
Pseudo-Harrate If checked, the amount of computation in the NES's APU (sound processing) is reduced to half.
When playing, it will be played at the frequency specified in "Sampling rate".
The sound quality will be lower, but the processing will be reduced.
Channel Check to hear the sound of the corresponding channel.
If you remove the check, the sound of the corresponding channel will not sound, but the processing will be reduced.

... Sets the key assignment for the corresponding button.
Del Deletes the key assignment of the corresponding button.

Save in the same location as the ROM Save data will be created in the directory where the ROM file was loaded.
Save in the same location as nesterJ4u.exe Create save data in the directory where nesterJ4u.exe is located.
The folder location can be specified in the edit box.
When specifying the save folder, the contents of the battery backup (*.sav) and the disk system save data (*.sdk)
When specifying a quick save, specify the location of the quick save file (*.ss0 to *.ss5).

Select custom button Select the menu button you want to place on the screen.
Virtual Pad Select the virtual pad button you want to place on the screen.
Fix button If checked, it prohibits moving the menu button and virtual pad.
If it is not checked, it can be placed in any position.
Lock Screen If checked, screen movement is prohibited.
If it is not checked, it can be placed in any position.
Prohibit menu display on tap If checked, the menu bar will not be displayed at the top even if the screen is tapped.
Instead, a button for displaying the menu bar is placed on the screen.

How to use NSF player

Operate using the buttons assigned in the controller settings.
Left/Right Increase/decrease the track number by 1 unit.
Up/Down Increases or decreases the track number by 16 units.
Start Play next track.
Select Play the previous track.
A Play the current track.
B Stop.

Installation Instructions

To operate NesterJ4u, you can conveniently use it by installing the following DLLs.
* Basically, it is possible to operate without it.

·gsgetfile.dll version 0.04ß
Required for PocketPostPet.

·zlib for Windows CE Ver.1.1.4
You will be able to use ZIP files.

Be sure to install it in the same folder as NesterJ4u.exe or in the Windows folder.
* Please contact us if you have any problems with posting links.


GameOpen Sourcenes

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://www.holybell.to/high/nesterj4u.html
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 1597
Total Downloads  16
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 20 January 2023


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