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SingulArch-Pocket 1.42

Used for data acquisition on archaeological excavations. It is also useful for geologists, biologists and other professionals who work
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What is SingulArch Pocket?
- SingulArch-Pocket is an application for pocket PCs.
- It is used for data acquisition on archaeological excavations. It is also useful for geologists, biologists and other professionals who work "in the field".
- SingulArch-Pocket includes a complex GPS-enabled CAD tool with which you can manage your vector data and also store bitmaps.
- The combination of database and display of raster and vector data makes SingulArch-Pocket an independent, extensive GIS system.
- Since version 1.3, data from external devices (e.g. total stations) can be received. Geodimeter total stations can be operated entirely from SingulArch-Pocket. Total stations with visual control are therefore possible (special programming for other total stations on request).

Full or light version
- The light version is intended for those who only want to use the CAD tool, coordinates form and GPS. Most of the database is locked in the light version. There is also no way to connect external devices.
- Users of the full version receive a CD-Rom with SingulArch-Sync. Pocket and desktop projects can be synchronized with it. All database functionality is available in the full version.

SingulArch pocket and GPS
- Since version 1.1 SingulArch is GPS enabled.
- Since version 1.2, bitmaps can be georeferenced and stored as maps.
- Since version 1.42 there is a quasi-'DGPS': Two PPCs can be networked via WLAN. The 'server' is positioned on a known coordinate and sends the current deviation to the second Pocket PC. Thus, SingulArch-Pocket is possibly the most accurate Pocket PC solution on the market.
- GPS coordinates can be output, mapped and saved as any decimal WGS, Gauss-Krueger or UTM coordinates.
- Your saved coordinates can be converted to one of the other formats with a mouse click.
- You can import and export overlays from Top50 maps and thus also use SingulArch-Pocket as a navigation system (see images below).
- GPS data are mapped in CAD mode and can be saved at freely definable time intervals or by clicking a button.
- GPS coordinates are stored in the same table as e.g. tachymeter values and can be coded in any way.

Import (and export) Top50 overlays. Store bitmaps as cards.
Coordinate management and transformation.

- Own, georeferenced maps can be created very easily. SingulArch Pocket has tools for this purpose.
- When leaving a map section, suitable maps are automatically reloaded (I have saved supra-regional maps on my pocket PC, for example, which are then jumped to when I leave the section of my detailed maps).
- You can digitize maps very easily; e.g. distances etc.
- With SingulArch-Pocket and, for example, the Yakumo Delta 300 GPS, which costs around €260, you have a complete system for conducting surveys of any kind.
- With the GPS function, SingulArch-Pocket is also interesting for geologists, foresters, biologists etc. who work in the field (the lists of finds, findings and diaries etc. can be used universally).

Why was SingulArch-Pocket created?
- In addition to the conventional graphic documentation of excavations, additional descriptions must be made and lists must be kept (photo lists, find lists, descriptions of findings, etc.). With the help of SingulArch-Pocket, this part of the paper documentation is no longer necessary.
- With full use of SingulArch-Pocket only drawings have to be created by hand.
- The effort involved in post-processing after work or after the end of the excavation is minimized.
- You have all the data quickly available in the handy pocket PC and you can find your way around your area thanks to the integrated CAD tool.

home screen


How is SingulArch-Pocket structured?
- SingulArch-Pocket is a user interface (frontend) that is based on cdb project databases (cdb databases are the pocket version of ACCESS-mdb databases and are compatible with them).
- The project databases have a relational structure (e.g. film type > photo > findings on photo, drawing sheet > findings on drawing sheet) including forwarding updates to subordinate data sets.

data security
- Full version users can set up an administrator and user password. The administrator can change, add and delete data records in the forms. well

Installation Instructions

Requires Visual Basic (VBCE2.0) runtime


Visual BasicUtilityVBVBCE 2.0

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://www.singularch.com/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Popularity 2896
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 25 January 2023


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