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FileShredPPC 2.3

Shred files (secure erasure)
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FileShredPPC - Worried you have documents on your CF/SD card others might be able to recover if you delete them? Selling your PDA and want your documents securely removed? When you delete a file, the file is still there. The pointers to the file are what are removed. These files can be easily recovered. FileShredPPC Takes care of that. Once the files have been shredded, they won't be able to get them back without extreme measures. How Does it work? It first opens the file, and overwrites it with a series of nulls, ones, or random data. This process is semi-randomized, and depends on how many overwrites you choose, which can be anywhere from 1 to 10. It then truncates the file to a zero byte file, and deletes it. Securely delete your files and don't worry about someone opening your financials on your sd card with a file recovery tool and a pc SD slot. I'm told by a reliable source that an overwrite setting of 7 or higher is DoD standard. DIRE WARNING: it is possible to delete ANY file on your ppc. Be sure you know what you're deleting. If you need to remove a file from the list, tap and hold on the file and choose "Remove from list". Once shredded, it is gone. So be sure you want it disposed of. In FileShredPPC 2.0 and higher, You can now wipe free space. Click on the "Free Space" Tab, choose the volume you want to wipe the free space on, and click on "Wipe Free Space". Depending on the size of the volume, this might take a while. I wiped the free space on my storage card (about 18 meg of space) with the default 3 passes, and the file access ran at about 10KB/sec. Your mileage may vary here. Obviously, wiping the free space on a nearly empty 1gb cf card will take a while. You might want to put the device in a cradle or plug in the power cable while this runs, as the constant file access will drain memory heavily on wipes of large quantities of space. The Volume dropdown might contain nonstandard directory names. In an effort to allow for storage cards and cf cards with custom names, i filter out the common directory names, like "windows", etc. if you see a directory here, don't panic. It will simply fill up the free space of the flash volume anyway. FileShred 2.2 introduces the ability to automatically load the ENTIRE contents of a directory for shredding by use of the Add Dir button. Click on this button, select your directory, hit select, and all files in the directory will be added to the Shred

Installation Instructions

Requires .net Compact Framework



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 3095
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Submitted By torch
Submitted On 25 January 2023


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