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GNCutter 1.1

GNCutter - Coil and Panel Cutting Optimizer for PDA
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How to Reduce the Material Waste and Increase Productivity Right on Your Workplace.

GNCutter - Coil and Panel Cutting Optimizer for PDA

If you're glazier, carpenter, machinist, sheet metal worker or drywall installer then you regularly cut pieces from glass, metal, veneer or drywall sheets. Before cutting, you must figure out how-to-cut all required pieces from standard-sized sheets with minimal waste of material. It's great when you have the parts layout plan ready and you don't need to puzzle over it, but in some cases you still need do it by yourself.
This can happen when you visit your clients or at construction site or at your workshop - you name it. Until now you were alone with "how-to-cut" problems at your workplace and only your experience could help to resolve it.

Can you imagine having a smart optimizer in your pocket that can easily find out how to cut all necessary pieces with lightning speed! It'll dramatically improve your productivity and get more projects done than ever before. In addition you'll save a lot of expensive material (glass, metal, marble or veneer) and hence your money.

Explosive expanding of handheld devices market dramatically improved the performance of PDAs, Pocket PCs and Smartphones that now can make complex mathematical calculations with a significant speed. We've combined the latest mobile technologies and new robust state-of-art optimization algorithms and made a unique cutting optimizer GNCutter capable to solve complex coil and panel cutting problems at your workplaces, right where it's most wanted. You can upload GNCutter to your Pocket PC or Smartphone and bring anywhere in your pocket!

GNCutter is available for free trial period of 30 days. After downloading GNCutter and installing on your Pocket PC you can play with the examples we provided or solve your own cutting optimization tasks and see how easily and smoothly your problems will be solved!

You receive the following benefits with GNCutter:

Optimality. It allows you to maximize stock utilization and minimize material waste during cutting, nesting, sawing or punching operations.
Mobility. GNCutter is designed to operate on your PDA that means you can bring it to any place you need the nesting / stock cutting optimization done.
Speed. The calculation engine uses the robust algorithm that is capable to generate a complex layout in a couple of seconds.
Simplicity. GNCutter has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface that does not confuse even first-time users.

You can easily accomplish the following tasks using our nesting software:

Rectangular shapes nesting, such as Bin Packing and Strip Packing problems.
Wood, metal or plastic plates sawing.
Guillotine cutting of metal coils, glass / paper sheets.
Punching rectangular shapes from metal sheets or coils.
Metal shape cutting or burning.
Water jet cutting.
Cutting pipes, beams or girders.

The main features of GNCutter:

Nesting and Guillotine panel cutting calculation methods.
Two different stock types: Coil/Strip (unlimited length) and Sheets/Bins.
Integrated graphical viewer for visual inspection of the layouts.
Unlimited number of parts for optimization.
Import parts from Excel spreadsheets.
Export layouts to AutoCAD DXF and Excel spreadsheets.
Export cutting instruction (planes) to Excel spreadsheets.

Installation Instructions

Requires .net Compact Framework



License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Popularity 2320
Total Downloads  2
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 06 February 2023


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