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40netmap 1.0a

An applet used to create/map shares of any local networked PC to the network
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40netmap.exe is an applet for the Jornada 720 HPC2000 (ARM CPU) used to
create/map shares of any local networked PC to the NETWORK/ directory
on the J720, letting you access shares on your LAN, and even stream,
for example, mp3s using the jPlay MkII mp3 player.

Use (as shown when "40netmap" alone is typed, with no args):

40netmap v1.0a -- 40th Floor [40th.com] 22-Feb-2002

Use: \> 40netmap localname //server/share [-user:a] [-pass:a] [-show]
or: \> 40netmap localname -delete [-force] [-remove:0] [-show] [-hidedir]

Updates to this and other wonderful app[let]s are at 40th.com
=> press ENTER to exit...

At first use, 40netmap makes the NETWORK/ directory visible, but a warm-boot
is required before it's recognized.

In short, do something like this:

- Copy 40netmap.exe to the root directory of the J720; ce.exe can be used
or whatever's handy

- Start->run, cmd.exe

- At the prompt, type (in my case)

\> 40netmap mp3 //mint2k/mp3

You may also supply the username, and password, as shown in the Use: at
the top, or you may be prompted by the system automatically if these are
needed (or incorrect)

- Go ahead and exit the cmd box: type

\> exit

- If you haven't already warm-booted, do it now

- Start the File Explorer and check out what's in the root directory...
you should see NETWORK right under "My Documents"

- Inside NETWORK you should see the localname given above: mp3

- Double-tap mp3 to fill Explorer with its contents

To remove the mapping, from the cmd box, type

\> 40netmap mp3 -delete

- The mapping stays even through warm-boots so use -delete to
get rid of it

To remove NETWORK from view, type

\> 40netmap -hidedir (and warm-boot)

To restore NETWORK (but not necessarily any mapped shares) to view, type

\> 40netmap -showdir (or do any 40netmap operation; warm-boot)

Previous HPC versions had "net use" to do similar stuff. For some reason
this isn't in HPC2000, not on the Jornada 720.


System Requirements

Windows CE 3.0 ARM or higher


UtilityNetworkSMBCIFSFile Share

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://40th.com/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
Released 22 February 2002
Language Support English
Popularity 2121
Total Downloads  4
Submitted By thenzero
Submitted On 18 February 2023


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