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Open Source
jot is an open source text editor
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jot is an open source text editor for Windows Mobile.
Please read "Jotto".

The goal is to achieve both the operability of a PC editor and the operability that can be used with limited keys.

Multiple start

Although it is an SDI (single document interface) (one file on one screen), it is an editor that can edit multiple text files in parallel by enabling multiple instances to be started at the same time.
(The number of applications that can be started at the same time depends on memory and OS limits.)

By using it together with task management tools such as WkTask and YTaskMgr, you can switch files like a PC editor.

*When switching tasks with WkTask

*When switching tasks with yTaskMgr
No capacity limit

There is no limit on the capacity of text files that can be handled. You can edit huge files as long as your memory allows.
* With Advanced/W-ZERO3[es], it was possible to edit a 30MB file.
Support for various character codes

Corresponds to the following character codes.
It's not 100% sure, but it automatically detects the character code when opening the file. It is also possible to specify the character code manually.
UTF-8 (with/without BOM)
UTF-16 (with/without BOM)
Latin (without automatic judgment)
Standard Edition official support

The operation system takes into account the use of Windows Mobile Standard Edition such as X02HT.
- Interface that can be operated only with the keyboard
- Even if the keyboard does not have a shift key, range selection and copy & paste are possible from the menu
- Backspace operation with BACK key
* Shift lock menu
* During selection operation
Search/replace function that supports regular expressions

The search and replace function supports regular expressions. It is possible to perform various searches.
File history that remembers cursor position

Not only can you open previously used files from the file history, but the cursor position is also restored, so you can easily resume interrupted work.

For files that remain in the history, you can enable/disable automatic saving for each file.
If you are editing a file with autosave enabled, it will be overwritten when jot is no longer active. Also, when finished, it will be overwritten and saved without confirmation.
color customization

By editing the configuration file (misc.ini), you can change the text color and background color.
Insert boilerplate

It is possible to insert fixed phrases at the cursor position.
Customization is possible by editing the configuration file (template.ini).
file dialog

Since it supports gsGetFile.dll, you can target folders other than "\My Document\" for "Open", "Save As", etc.
gsGetFile.dll installer for jot
Display special characters

Characters such as half-width spaces, full-width spaces, tabs, and line breaks can be displayed as symbols.
Supports numeric keypad

On numeric keypad models such as W-ZERO3[es] and Advanced/W-ZERO3[es], you can access the menu with the numeric keypad when the screen is vertical.
*Numeric keys for vertical screen menu access
*Alphabet key for horizontal screen menu access
Supports Advanced/W-ZERO3[es]'s Xcrawl, EM-ONE's scroll wheel

You can scroll 1 to 10 lines or page by page.

System Requirements

Requires gsGetFile.dll and aygshell.dll


Open Source

License Open Source
The program is open source, free and the source code is available on-line.
Website http://pandora.sblo.jp/
Not working? Try this website on the WayBack Machine
We believe this app can be obtained directly from its developer!
Released 09 March 2023
Language Support English,Japanese
Popularity 1965
Total Downloads  5
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 09 March 2023


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