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Sol! CE


Application Name Sol! CE
License Type Exemptionware
The developer has explicity chosen to make available a program that was formerly a commercial product, however is explcitly re-licencing the program (without necessary changing the legal disclaimers within) to remove any and all statements of liability.
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Program Cost
$9.95 USD (£7.96 GBP, €8.84 EUD, ¥1,066.64 JPY, ¥68.46 CNY est.)
Sol! CE calculates Sun Rise, Sun Set, Twilights and Length of Day or Night for any geographic location on the planet.

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Description Sol! CE v2 computes Sun Rise, Sun Set, length of the day, start and end of Civil, Nautical and Astronomical twilight, and the length of the day with the twilight time added.

Sun Rise, Sun Set, Twilight Times for any geographic location on the planet.
Computes the Length of the day and length of day with twilight(s) added.
Computes the Length of the night and length of the night between each twilight.
User defineable location including Name, Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone.
Tabular output of times and lengths.
Can optionally apply US Daylight Savings Time rules to the calculated times.
Night Mode that inverts the calculations to show times between sun set and sun rise of the following day.
Dual Sun Compasses that allow you to make any direction the "up" direction, or flexibly set what side of your CE device you want to point at the Sun to determine North.
You can set your own bearing information on each compass.
Installation Instructions Download the appropriate SolCE*.exe for your computing platform, and the appropriate MFC Basic DLL and install them on your HPC or PPC. The MFC DLL file goes in your \Windows directory if you don't already have it installed.

Tags exemptionware, astronomy, sun rise, sun set, twilight
Popularity 536
Total Downloads 92
Submitted By Richard Plume
Submitted On 25 February 2013


Perfect for landscape photographers!
#1 By f8admin on 26 March 2013 at 12:40:06 AM

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