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Emerald Hunt 1.0

Did you create this program, do you know who did?
If you have stopped selling this program commercially, closed down your business or soon will be, the Windows CE community will have lost a valued developer and quite possibly your effort and creativity will be lost forever! It doesn't have to be this way,. The Windows CE community needs your help to preserve the historic legacy of Windows CE now more than ever as it enters into its twilight years.
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Move your bulldozer and find the jewels while avoiding pitfalls
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Start a new game by selecting the menu 'New', then a menu item
for the level of difficulty you want. The screen is then filled with
objects, which will be animated until everything is reasonably stable.
The 'bulldozer' (you) is then placed on the screen, and you're ready
to go.

You have to collect enough points to finish the level. You get
one point for collecting an emerald (light coloured squared shaped
object), and five points for a diamond (dark coloured square
shaped object). Your target number of points is displayed at the
top of the screen.

Status Display:
At the top right hand side of the screen are three numbers. These
are described as follows:
'T:' <number> - your current target (in points). When this
gets to zero you have won!
'G:' <number> - number of Grenades left.
'A:' <number> - units of air left in your air tanks.

Game Control:
* You are the bulldozer. You simply tap to whatever side of the
bulldozer you wish to move towards. Or you can drag the pen
around the screen, and the bulldozer follows you.

NOTE: the screen only scrolls when you lift the pen. This is
for better control.

* To set off a grenade move to the position you want to lay the
grenade and press the hardware 'Enter' button. Once you move away
the grenade pin is pulled, and you must get at least two cells
away from it to not get blown up.

Object Types:
-------('free' objects, ie. that aren't fixed to a position)------

* Boulders
These objects fall if not supported, and roll off round topped
objects. Be careful not to get crushed by one. Also you can
push a lone boulder left or right.

* Emeralds
These are the light shaded square shaped objects. Just move
into them to collect them. These also fall and roll like
boulders, and can also kill you.

* Diamonds
These are the dark shaded square shaped objects, and behave
like Emeralds, except that they are worth 5 points, and can
be CRUSHED by objects falling on them.

* Bombs
These are easy to recognise (have a little fuse above a round
looking object). The explode if something lands on them, or
if they land on something else. They fall just like boulders.
If you are within one cell distance from one when it explodes
you will die. Also you can push a lone bomb left or right.

* Water
Water is easy enough to recognise. Water will fall and spill
over when it can, and will tend to form pools. If you go into
water you must have some air in your tanks. If you stay under
too long you will drown. Water can drop onto you and spill
over you, ie. it will not kill you like a boulder.

* Bugs
Be afraid, very afraid of bugs. They will explode if they get
to within a cell distance from you - killing you in the
process. They roam around where ever there is empty space. You
can kill them by dropping something on them, or blowing them

--------('fixed' objects, ie. don't move, don't fall)-----------

* Brick
Bricks are PERMANENT. They can't be destroyed in an explosion,
and don't move.

* Stone
These are the round-topped brick-like objects. These can be
destroyed in an explosion. Falling objects will also roll off

* Air Canister
Move into these to collect them (like Emeralds & Diamonds).
You get 20 units of air for each one.

* Grenade
Move into these to collect them.

* Dirt
Dirt supports falling objects, but you can destroy dirt by
moving into it. Be careful as this will likely cause

Installation Instructions

Install Notes

Use either HPC Explorer or Windows CE Services/Mobile Devices
to install the 'Hunt.exe' file onto your Handheld PC (or Palm PC).

To launch, use either MS Pocket Explorer, the File Find utility (on Cassiopeia's)
or any other utility that launches executables. For convenience, create
a shortcut in the Start menu to 'Hunt.exe'.



License Shareware
It's a demo has reduced functionality or contains nag-screens and in order to continue to use it or its full functionality you will have to pay for it.
Released 07 July 1998
Language Support English
Popularity 3240
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 28 January 2024


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