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NFPim 1.02c

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Genkokuroku is a schedule software that runs on Windows CE.
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================================================== =========================
[Name] Genkokuroku Preview
[Creator name] Nefa
[Operating environment] HPC 2000 ARM or later
[Production date] 2003/12/2
================================================== =========================
[Software introduction]

Genkokuroku is a schedule software that runs on Windows CE.

It does not support synchronization with Outlook. Although it is intended to be used alone,
Future versions will also include web functionality, allowing access and scheduling from a PC using CE as a server.
We plan to make it possible to confirm the following. We plan to add many other features as well.
Look forward to it (^-^)

This product functions as a trial version until purchased. A pop-up will appear during the trial.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------


Some settings are saved in the registry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NeFa Studio\nfpim-hpc

There is no problem if you leave it on when uninstalling, but if you are concerned, please refer to the
Please delete the registry. Schedules etc. are saved in the data folder under the program.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
The software produced by Nefa can be downloaded from the website. The homepage is

http://www1.mahoroba.ne.jp/~nefa/ “Cafe Ka Petino”

is. If you have moved and cannot find the location, search on the search engine Goo.
It catches well. If you have any opinions,


Also, the latest information regarding Windows CE is available at


is recommended.


-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
?version information?
preview version
Preview version 2
Dial up support
Weather forecast compatible with PPC2003
Memo search range correction
Official version
Added various functions
Fixed bug in saving plugin key settings
Updater update
Weather forecast information processing correction
Memorandum search/undo processing correction
Add quick launch item
Diary/Schedule plugin modification
Memo plugin fix

System Requirements

?Operating environment?

Handheld PC 2002 ARM or later (operation confirmed with Sigmarion 3)

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

Installation Instructions

?how to use?

Please unzip the zip file and run installce.exe. If the installation does not work properly
Copy nfpim-hpc.arm.cab directly to the main unit and execute the cab file.

Open a new window from the Window menu. Tap ? at the top left of the window
Select Select from the plugin menu and choose what you want to display. Basically, "tap"
Operate by "double tap" and "drag". Drag the small square at the bottom right of the window
You can change the window size depending on the situation.

The weather forecast does not yet support automatic dial-up, so please connect to the Internet before obtaining information.
Please stay connected. Since you can connect to the Internet even during ActiveSync,
Information can also be obtained during ActiveSync (depending on ActiveSync settings).

There are "?" buttons in some places, so if you press them, a simple explanation will be displayed. to homepage
We are planning to create a more detailed manual, so please stop by.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------



License Payware
Commercial programs with formal license terms.
Website http://www1.mahoroba.ne.jp/~nefa/
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 02 December 2003
Popularity 3245
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 20 February 2024


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