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TaskSwitch 1.01

You can quickly switch from one program to another. Press Alt+Tab to switch. Running the program again disable it.
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?Development history
On a Handheld PC, Alt + Tab will launch the task manager.
Once you get used to Windows 2000 etc., you can start the task manager by pressing Alt + Tab keys.
You will want to switch tasks.

Switch tasks using Alt + Tab keys
If you install Microsoft Plus! pack for HandheldPC's Program Switcher
It will be possible to do it, but it will be half-finished and the result will be poor.
I decided to make a new one.

By the way, the disadvantages of Microsoft Plus! pack for HandheldPC's Program Switcher are
·Even if a modal dialog (settings screen, etc.) is displayed, the parent window cannot be closed.
Once activated, it cannot be operated using only the keyboard.
·If there is only one task and other tasks are active,
Pressing Alt+Tab does not activate the task.
This also cannot be operated using only the keyboard.
- If there are 16 or more tasks, it will crash and stop working.

Allows you to switch between tasks using Alt + Tab.
Displayed when pressing Alt + Tab keys on Windows 2000 etc.
I tried to faithfully reproduce the window design and operability.

We recommend using it in startup.
Even if Microsoft Plus! pack for HandheldPC's Program Switcher is installed
TaskSwitch.exe takes precedence.

?Change history
ver. 1.00 New creation
ver. 1.01 Fixed a bug where the window did not disappear

System Requirements

?Target platform
Handheld PC equipped with WindowsCE 2.11 or higher
*It may work with WindowsCE 2.0, but operation has not been confirmed.

Installation Instructions

Copy TaskSwitch.exe adapted to your CPU to your machine.
Please practice. If it's running, press Alt+Tab
A task switching window will appear.
No other windows will appear.

If you launch it further in the running state, it will exit.
Once finished, delete TaskSwitch.exe.
*If it is running, it cannot be deleted.


Task ManagerLauncher

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Website http://page.freett.com/todamitsu/index_english.htm
This link is no longer available on the World Wide Web and will attempt to load via the WayBack Machine
Released 27 December 2002
Popularity 3065
Total Downloads  0
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 21 February 2024


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