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Doom Legacy

Doom Legacy Port to Windows CE.
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Doom Legacy Port to Windows CE. Handheld PC Version available now. PocketPC version coming in the next week or so.(Still have to merge back in the gfDoom skin code for input!)

For more information on the Doom Legacy Project, please visit here: http://www.frag.com/doomlegacy

Doom Legacy add-on is based on the Doom sources released publicly by Id Software.
Doom Legacy additions by Denis Fabrice and Boris Pereira. Doom Legacy is OPEN SOURCE FREEWARE.
WindowsCE Port: Zak Larue-Buckley

Consider this a beta version. There is still a few bugs and issues yet to fix and it may be a bit flaky still. Please feel free to contact me at gamefreaks@hotmail.com

Known Bugs/Issues:

Highcolor mode doesn't work.
Some keyboard keys are not mapped properly.
Have made some pretty brutal changes to the source code. Need to look at re-merging the code back into the Doom Legacy sourcebase.
Probably quite a few other niggles and annoyances!
Need to write a launcher for it.

Important notes:

To get the music working, you will need an external music wad file. These can be found here: http://files.frashii.com/~sp00nz/Doom/download.php#Music
Add them to the game using the '-file' command line parameter. (eg: \doom\gflegacy -file doom1_xm.wad)
GAPI is required for the ARM Build. Get it here: http://www.wincesoft.com/html/gapi_for_hpc_s.html


Doomvideo gamesengineshooter

License Freeware
The program is completely free to use.
Released 22 May 2005
Language Support English
Popularity 2113
Total Downloads  4
Submitted By torch
Submitted On 22 February 2024


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